First fatal crash involving Tesla’s Autopilot raises some serious ethical questions

The man in question was killed after his car rammed into the side of a tractor trailer which drove across the highway perpendicular to the Model S.

Rocks prove Mars used to resemble the Earth a lot — but no, that doesn’t mean there was life on it

But maybe our neighbour wasn’t always so red-faced after all.

Climate change is making the Arctic red — and we should be very worried about it

A tiny algae could spiral out of control with huge consequences.

Vegetables grown on Mars could be healthier than their Earth-grown counterparts

Food grown on Mars has been officially declared edible.

New NASA transfer protocol makes space Wi-Fi better than yours

NASA always gets the best of everything.

Hyperloop One and Russia sign deal to build an ultra-fast Silk Road

The short-term plan involves bringing the Hyperloop to Moscow and its 16 million citizens, but the long-term plan is even more ambitious…

MIT makes an AI that can predict what the future looks and sounds like

Artificial intelligence is learning in seconds what took humans a lifetime to master.