Scientists develop new, adorable class of soft robots

This cute, self-powered octopus-like robot could be a game changer.

Berkley’s penny-per-ounce soda tax paid off, a new study reports

This could have significant fiscal and health benefits.

Scientists count microscopic particles without a microscope

Counting microscopic particles is hard, but researchers from Russia and Australia believe they’ve found a way to make it easier.

Polish scientist hides secret messages in rave music

The maddest DJ mixes Morse Code.

Fish urine keeps corals healthy, but we’re taking all the fish out of the water

Does this mean I have to pee in the pool now?

Relying too much on the Internet for fact finding could hurt your brain

Just like anything else, it needs constant exercise to stay in shape.

First peer review paper on chemtrails finds exactly what you’d expect — it’s all pseudoscience

Of course, it could just be The Government covering up. Spooky stuff.

Good fathers’ testosterone level drops when expecting a baby

From horny freshmen to hugs and pacifiers, testosterone powers every man’s relationships.

Coral bleaching has been captured on video for the first time

They don’t seem to be having a good time.

Self-healing textiles means you don’t have to throw away your torn jeans — just add water

The self-healing fabrics could break down lethal toxins before they reach the skin.