Study finds viewing selfies on social media can make you miserable or jolly — depending on how you see yourself

Seriously, why are selfies a thing?

DeepMind can now learn how to use its memories, apply knowledge to new tasks

The AI developed by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, just received a new and powerful update.

Scientists develop tape that adheres to anything and rejects all liquids

They call it a superomniphobic tape.

A Russian start-up schools Google and Facebook facial recognition technology

NTechLab is only one year old, but it’s already making headlines and playing with the big boys in the industry.

For the last 18 years, robotic mussels have been watching over our oceans

They’ve collected staggering amounts of data.

Study ranks 63 countries by empathy, Ecuador tops the list

How nice are your neighbours?

Newly discovered Japanese plant doesn’t photosynthesize, pollinates itself

The most self-sufficient plant I know of.

Second generation EM drive is just around the corner, patent made public on Friday

No gas? No problem!

Google’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm just navigated London’s underground without any prior knowledge

Google’s DeepMind algorithm just got one step closer to behaving like a human.

Skin impression of one of the last dinosaurs found in Spain

Some 60 million years ago, one dinosaur laid down to rest — creating something unique in the whole of Europe.