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Audi gets California’s first autonomous driving permit


Audi announced that it will be the first auto manufacturer to receive an autonomous driving permit from the state of California. Driverless cars are big right now – so big that the University of Michigan is building a fake city just to test them out. But what’s even more interesting is California’s law about driverless cars – the state of…

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Quantum materials may replace silicon in transistor construction

A common transistor.

In today’s world, silicon has few materials which actually contest its status as the king of electronics. However, that may change in the not so distant future. A group of Harvard researchers have used a quantum material called correlated oxide to make better, more efficient transistors. The strategy for building better and more advanced processors is pretty simple – even rudimentary:…

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Scientists develop camouflage device inspired from octopus skin


A mixed team of scientists and engineers developed a thin, flexible 4-layer material that autonomously camouflages itself to the surroundings, constantly evaluating the optical surroundings and automatically adapting to them – much like a chameleon or an octopus does. It’s the first system of its kind; it takes it just 1-2 seconds mimic the characteristics of the surroundings, just like the chameleon….

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Ant-sized radio that powers itself might change consumer electronics forever


Researchers at the University of Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley just presented a tiny radio, so small it’s the size of an ant, that could very well change the way we interact with technology in the future. What makes the device truly incredible is its ability to power itself without using an external power supply, like a plug or…

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The App that could fight food waste

Wasted food is a huge problem throughout the entire digital world. Image via Wiki Commons.

According to the EPA, Americans waste some 30-40 percent of all the food they use. Even not considering the poorest areas such as Africa or SE Asia where food is almost a luxury, there are 50 million Americans who don’t have daily access to adequate food; reducing food waste could improve and save countless lives. Food waste is a huge problem…

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Artificial spleen cleans up blood

Magnetic nanobeads in the 'biospleen' device bind to Escherichia coli (left) and Staphylococcus aureus (right) and remove them from blood. Harvard’s Wyss Institute

Researchers have developed a device which can clean the blood in the body of virtually all infections – even those which they don’t know about. The device, which was heavily inspired from the human spleen can clean the blood of everything from E. coli to Ebola. The spleen is an organ that appears in all vertebrates, acting basically as a blood filter. However,…

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MIT develops handheld mass spectrometer

This is actually considered a small-scaled mass spectrometer. MIT researchers hope they make mass spectrometers that are small enough to hold in your hand. Making these sort of devices portable could have important consequences for field work.

Since it was first introduced decades ago, mass spectrometry has proved to be an invaluable tool for analyzing the chemical makeup of foods, pharmaceuticals, forensic remains and so on. The equipment, however, is extremely bulky, expensive (in the hundreds of thousands range) and a sample might take days of back and forth analysis before results can be returned. MIT researchers…

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Software makes phone pics clearer and sharper without changing hardware

A software corrects blur and makes photos taken with the same smartphone a lot clearer and sharper. The technology allows for lens designs to be less complex, smaller, lighter and cheaper. Image: Algolux

There aren’t that many people who imagined that in only a couple of years we’d see smartphones with 40MGpx cameras. Amazingly as that may sound, manufacturers are nearing a stand-still as far as optics miniaturization is concerned and even so, high end camera phones don’t come near the quality of a dedicated optical hardware. A new software developed by a…

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Google set to build its own quantum computing hardware

Refrigerator for a Quantum Processor Part of the cooling unit that keeps the D-Wave Two's processor near absolute zero NASA Ames / John Hardman

For some time, Google scientists have been experimenting with artificial intelligence using quantum devices provided by D-Wave. According to Google, the company’s  Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab will soon develop their own quantum hardware, most probably in a bid to secure novel technology. Quantum computers are set to be the next generation of computing devices capable of computations order of magnitude above what…