Fossil Friday: the earliest known shells from 809 million years ago

Shifting ocean chemistry and predatory pressure made organisms bunker up for the first time.

First case of Zika transmitted through touch in Utah was a freak occurrence, paper finds

A lot of things worked together to allow infection via casual touch alone.

Mark Zuckerberg just shared pictures from Facebook’s Data Center, and it’s like a dystopian sci-fi

It’s scary and awesome at the same time.

Bad news for cancer cells — your immune system immunity has been revoked

Scientists discovered how cancerous cells hide from immune system — and how to make them targets again.

A WHO report says 92% of humans breathe dangerously polluted air

Canned air doesn’t seem like such a publicity stunt now, does it?

How one Japanese used Deep Learning to sort his parents’ cucumbers

You don’t need to change the world for deep learning to have a meaningful impact in your life.

Ancient Chinese skeletons found in London could hint at unknown ancient community and trade

Archaeologists are still divided on what the finding actually means.

Mercury will join the Solar System’s “tectonically active” planet club

Scientists found several faults with its application.

China launches FAST, the largest radio-telescope in the world

Big country, big telescope.

Scientists develop a ridiculously cheap acoustic tractor beam

It can manipulate objects in complex patterns for only 10 bucks.