NASA plans to build robots that explore frozen worlds from metallic glass so they don’t shatter

“Cold enough to shatter robots” is pretty cold in my book.

Boom Supersonic XB-1 unveiled: the aircraft that will take you from NYC to London in 3.15 hours

Fashionable supersonic flight is back!

Parents might soon watch their unborn babies grow up in 3D

Modern technology is impressive, extremely useful, and sometimes a bit disturbing.

How environmental DNA is revolutionizing biodiversity research

DNA is everywhere.

Hyperloop rail might connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes

It takes 2 hours to take a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. It’s a 90-minute drive. The Hyperloop could get you there in 12 minutes.

NASA’s morphing wing will make airplanes smoother, more efficient

Taking a cue from nature.

Scientists make semiconductor-free chip that work similarly to vacuum tubes

Taking hints from pre-1950s technology, researchers devised semiconductor-free electronics that operate faster and can handle more power.

Atomic-sandwich material could make computers 100 times more energy efficient

Don’t need a calculator to know that’s a lot.

China is building an impressive magnetic levitation train that can go at 600 km/h (373 mph)

If there’s one thing that China does well, it’s going big.

Russian scientists stumble upon secret Nazi base in the Arctic

They did Nazi that coming.