The city administration of Balikpapan (in East Kalimantan) has issued a new rule which will definitely please those interested in our planet’s “health”. Each couple has to plant a tree before they can marry. Basically, if don’t plant a tree, you don’t get the marriage license.

“We have made it mandatory for those wanting to get married to submit one tree seedling or else we will not give them a recommendation letter,” said city spokesperson Samauna Rizal as quoted by Antara newswire on Saturday.

To get married there, you need a formal recommandation letter to receive a license from the Religious Affairs Court. They plan to extend this to birth certificates and other legal matters enforced by the city.

“Consider it as a wedding gift for the government,” Rizal said.

Well I’m quite sure it will be a great gift not only for the government, but for our planet too, and as citizens of this planet, to all of us. East Kalimantan has suffered from massive deforestation caused by illegal lodging and mining.

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  • I don’t like paying fees and filling out paperwork, but this is one social tithe I wouldn’t mind being forced to do. At least I would know I was doing something that would have a benefit.

  • im Watson

    Wow, you do raise some very good points here indeed.