What are free radicals and how we can fight them with antioxidants, according to science

Eat your fruits and veggies, folks.

A muffin a day might keep the doctor away — if you eat this special muffin

Delicious and healthy? Sign me up!

Major study explored the biology of human intelligence and found 40 new genes that play a role

What shall we do with this information?

The first hominids might have evolved in Europe, fossil jaw suggests

Emphasis on might.

Grilling or microwaving mushrooms best preserves their nutritional properties

If you’ve always wondered how to best cook mushrooms — these Spanish scientists have your back.

Teaching school children to sniff out bogus medical claims works

Education > fake news

Washington researchers want you to smoke pot — for science

For science!

Temporary swallowable gastric balloon helps obese lose 15kg on average in only 4 months without surgery

A huge innovation set to help a lot of people.

Exposure to BPA might reprogram the brains of turtles — affecting them genetically

It changes their genes.

Virtually all sea salt is contaminated with microplastic, study finds

Pass me the sea salt please, and hold the plastic.