High salt intake doubles the risk of heart failure

A new study studied the connection between salt consumption and heart failure risk.

Dancing keeps the brain young

Just keep on dancing!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) releases endorphins in your brain

Work hard, endorphin hard.

This heroin vaccine might solve part of our growing opioid addiction problems

It works by blocking the drug’s ‘high’ which could lead to breaking the cycle of addiction.

A pair of puppies can run and play after been treated for their spina bifida

It could be a cure for humans too!

Blood DNA sequencing reveals there’s a lot more microbes living inside you — and we’ve never seen over 99% of them before

What we don’t know can’t hurt us, right? Right? Guys?..

Waste not, want not: astronauts to turn pee into nutrients, tools on deep-space missions

Stay hydrated up there, ladies and gents.

Increasing the price of US cigarettes by just one dollar per pack would lead to one million people kicking the habit

A small increase to bring about huge change.

Learning and exploration might drive teenagers’ risky, bad decisions, not poor impulse control

Ah, adolescence… so glad I’m over that.

Preliminary results suggests probiotic immunotherapy cures peanut allergy four years after treatment

Sometimes you have to fight nuts with nuts (and probiotic).

Finally, a large-scale probiotics trial is successful — it combats infant sepsis

It’s one of the few major trials that actually reported success.

Scientists make healthy sperm in the lab, raising hope for those suffering from genetic male infertility

They started from a mouse’s ear tissue cells, which they eventually turned into healthy sperm.

Talking in a foreign language makes our decision more about utility, less about emotion

The language we use really does influence what our brains are doing.

Micro-vehicles move through a mouse stomach, healing its ulcers

The future is here.

Scientists figure out the “recipe” for magic mushrooms

Psilocybin has repeatedly shown promise in treating some mental issues — this might usher in a new age of testing.

Drug-resistant candida outbreaks in the UK despite hospital efforts to control it

The CDC deemed this fungus a “serious global health threat.”

Blood test can find cancer even before any symptoms emerge

Genetic sequencing could pave the way for a new age of cancer detection.

What’s the difference between HIV and AIDS

You shouldn’t use the two interchangeably.

Researchers hijack plant to produce polio vaccine

Anti-vaxxers finally have a natural option.

Knee arthritis has doubled since 1950, and we don’t really know why

Aging and obesity alone cannot explain it.