Massive report on cannabis confirms health benefits, calls for more research

Roll up! Your sleeves so we can do some research, of course.

You can’t keep eye contact during conversation because your brain can’t handle it, study finds

It’s doing its best though.

Chimps, unlike humans, are more likely to choose genetically-dissimilar mates

Two different takes on an age-old topic.

Red meat linked to common bowel condition

Avoid red meat if you want to avoid diverticulitis.

The buzz on how honey is made

Ah, what is sweeter than honey?

Common cold vaccine patented in the EU

Seems like our bodies were fighting the disease the wrong way all along.

We pick our mates by their genome — even if we aren’t aware of it

Humans too engage in assortative mating, scientists find.

How the brain perceives rhythm – simpler is better

Your brain is hardwired to like some rhythms more than others, neuroscientists report.

Cancer death rate down 25% since its 1991 peak

This translates into 2.1 million averted deaths, showing that cancer research and prevention screening works.

China’s smog was so bad you could barely see its skyscrapers from air

As we previously reported, China is experiencing a dramatic smog crisis – again.