Taxing junk food and subsidizing healthy items will make us live longer and save billions in the health system

That’s 500,000 extra years of healthy life and more than AUD 3 billion in costs for Australia’s current population.

The story behind human growth hormone

Motivated by the “anti-aging” movement, people are placing their faith into all sorts of alleged cures, but does the science back things up?

What doesn’t kill you does, in fact, make you stronger, new study indicates

A new research has found why brief bodily stresses are good for your health and longevity.

How Denmark easily reduced their food waste by 25%

Food waste is running rampant throughout the developed world but we can learn a lot from this Scandinavian country.

Resurrected drug could help us better fight viruses

Stanford researchers are proposing something different: they want to boost our body’s defense systems instead of targeting the virus.

Dogs and capuchins judge you as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, hint at the birth of human morality

Something as simple as opening a jar goes a long way with anyone. Even other species.

Scientists debunk the exercise ‘non-responder’ myth. If you’re not improving, switch to another routine or workout more

As many as one in three people don’t see an improvement after exercising. But doesn’t mean you’re stuck forever.

Engineered 3D heart tissue beats in synchronized harmony

This research could drastically improve drug testing for cardiovascular diseases which are responsible for 40% of all deaths in North America.

Information about the world’s water at your fingertips

Now water is even more precious than ever!

Vaping might be a gateway to smoking tobacco for teenagers

Vape — not so safe.