Why do bird eggs come in so many different shapes ? Look to the wings, biologists say

The best predictor of long or pointy eggs is a bird’s flying ability.

Snake fungal disease observed in Europe for the first time

Some pretty bad news for European snakes.

Where humans went, cats followed — the story of cat domestication started 9,000 years ago

From Egypt’s pyramids to Viking longboats, cats never left our side since we invented agriculture.

Fungal disease ravages American rattlesnakes

You may not like snakes, but they play an important role in ecosystems — and they’re in trouble.

Romania bans wild animals in circuses

A solid step, though much more needs to be done.

Trump administration eliminates new protection for endangered whales and turtles

It’s not a good year for the environment.

Dogs and wolves share a sense of fairness

Don’t mess with the wolf.

Baby bird trapped in stunning pristine condition inside 100-million-year-old amber

An extremely rare find.

Scientists got an image of a person’s face just by scanning a monkey’s brain

They’ve cracked the code!

Scientists discover new iguana species in Fiji island

Pacific iguanas are currently under great threat, especially due to invasive species.