Follow the last 30 years of humanity shaping the planet through the eyes of Google’s Timelapse

Bird’s eye view.

Slow-Life time lapse video gives a beautiful glimpse into the life of corals

If you’ve ever seen one up close you probably know that corals are insanely beautiful, but not exactly action packed — these animals live at their own pace, one so slow that to a human being they might seem frozen in time. But what would coral look like if it lived in ‘normal’ speed?

The Explosive Blooms of the Echinopsis Cactus Flowers

  Echinopsis is a large genus of cacti native to South America, sometimes known as hedgehog cactus. They are known and admired due to their flowers, which can be quite spectacular. There are 128 species within the genus and they all enjoy limestone or other calcium-rich soils and of course, they hate humidity. The soil should never be saturated, as the

Millions of public domain photos turned into beautiful time lapse videos by Google

There are millions and millions of photos under the public domain, and no doubt for some these can be nothing short of a gold mine. For instance, some scientists could find them most useful to compare things like glacial retreat or deforestation with what we’re seeing today or with results generated by models. Shifting through such a catalog is no easy feat, though.

Almost mockingly, Google not only shows that this isn’t half as challenging as it may seem, but also manages to turn image processing and sorting code into spectacular works of art. Using millions of photos scrapped from social networks like Flickr or Picasa, Goggle engineers made an algorithm that stitches them together to make 10,000 timelapse videos. Some are so accurate that you wouldn’t think for a moment each frame is actually a photo taken by some random, different person. Quite amazing, and a nice demonstration of what can be achieved in the future using other, much older data sets.