Our brains get hit by epiphany before they let us in on it too, researchers find

The eyes give it away.

Consciousness comes in “slices” roughly 400 milliseconds long

This is the first time a two-stage model has been proposed for how consciousness arises, and it offers a more complete picture than the purely continuous or discrete models. It also provides useful insight into the the way our brain processes time and relates it to our perception of the world.

Creative thinking requires more checks and balances that you’d think

Creative thinking requires the simultaneous activation of two distinct networks in the brain, the associative and normative networks. Higher connectivity between these completely different systems of your brain leads to new, original and useful ideas, University of Haifa research concludes.

Having access to the Internet changes the way you think

The Internet is a wonderful and wonderfully powerful place. Just think about it, you have access to almost all of human knowledge with just a few key strokes. But having this much information at your disposal seems to actually make us rely less on what we already know.

Many parts, but the same mold – how the brain forms new thoughts

The brain forms new thoughts using two adjacent brain regions that are the cornerstone of the process.