World’s largest storage device: a 16 TB SSD that’s 60% larger than closest competitor

In a leap of innovation, Samsung unveiled the largest storage unit ever: a 15.36TB flash drive which uses 256GB NAND flash as the basis for the storage. The hard drive is 60% bigger than its closest competitor and all that storage is packed inside a tiny 2.5-inch SSD case. And yes, I prefer to still call it a hard drive even though there aren’t any motors, pivots or arms. Deal with it.

Intel announces 3rd generation SSD: 320 series

After the popular X25-M solid-state drive, Intel has finally released the much anticipated follow-up – the 320 series. The 320 is aimed at mainstream population, to be used as a desktop and notebook SSD and you’re still limited to 3Gbps SATA connectivity, though that’s hardly a limitation. This means, however, that Intel is leaving the high end sector to the