Hundreds of dinosaur eggs found in Spain hints to common nesting ground

Paleontologists were stoked by the discovery of hundreds of fossilized dinosaur eggs, belonging to various species, in a region of Spain. The dinosaur fossil eggs were said to be about as big as a basketball, while others were smaller. Since eggs belonging to various species were found in the same are, the findings add further evidence to the theory that

Biggest dinosaur in North America – the Alamosaurus

Paleontologists have been familiar with the Alamosaurus for decades since the first fossil sample was discovered in 1922, however previous assessments regarding its size have proved to be inaccurate. A team of researchers, now claims that he Alamosaurus was significantly more massive than originally thought after examining fossils they collected in New Mexico between 2003 and 2006. This would make

Did sauropods walk with their necks upright?

They could get as long as 40 metres and as heavy as 100 tons, making the earth shake literally as they walked. These were the sauropods: the gentle giants that were believed to have sticked their necks out in front of them. Even though we’ve seen them this way in museums and documentaries such as BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs, new