Physicists say sound waves might actually carry mass

And it might be ‘negative’ mass to boot!

First working phaser built: a laser that shoots sound

Trekkies have a reason to rejoice one again after Japanese researchers have successfully devised the first working phaser – a laser that shoots sound particles instead of light. It will take a while though until you’ll be able to zap your neighbors around with a sound canon, as the scientists still need to work around a physical problem their currently

New techniques allows heat to be treated like light

A materials science researcher at MIT has devised a novel technique using nanoparticles that allows heat flow to be treated much in the same way as light. This means that like electromagnetic waves, heat was successfully focused and reflected. The findings could help spark further research which might one day aid in the development of highly efficient electronics, smart heat

Atomic-precision heat flow manipulation achieved by scientists

Scientists have described and proven how many of the world’s phenomenae function, from the very fundamental laws of Newtonian mechanics, to the discrete¬†behaviors of quantum physics, eventually peering through some of the Universe’s most well kept secrets. It’s remarkable then, how little we know about how heat is conducted through and between materials. A better understanding of heat transfer, starting