Interesting summary of the top 5 ‘habitable planets’

I recently came across this really interesting and informative picture, describing the so-called ‘habitable planets’ discovered so far (top 5). Planet habitability is a measure of how suitable a planet (or natural satellite) is for life, under the conditions we know so far. I got the pic from Imgur – if anybody else knows the main source, please be kind

Astronomers find best candidate for Earth-like planet, only 38 light years away

The HARPS team at the La Silla Observatory in Chile recently discovered a slew of 50 exoplanets, all in one go. Among these highly promising finds, lies a rocky planet, with a mass 3.6 times that of our Earth, which might offer conditions to support life. Dubbed HD 85512b, the super-Earth planet is located in the constellation Vela, just 38