Scientists breed first sheep-human hybrid — but there’s no reason to freak out

The goal is to ultimately harvest organs for transplant in human patients.

Newly discovered amphibious dinosaur had swan-like body but killer raptor claws

A crazy dino chimera.

The Weird Wold of Parasitic Twins & Twin Chimerism

So you perhaps thought that twins could be either identical or fraternal? But did you know that there are actually other types of twins besides these two mentioned? Of course, identical and fraternal twins are the ones we are more aware of because they are the ones we hear about most and are most likely to encounter. The chances of

Chimeric organ harvesting: growing human organs inside pigs

Sure to raise a slew of controversy and debate, researchers in Japan are currently investigating the possibility of growing human organs, like kidneys, livers or even hearts, inside pigs. A real life chimeric tale, as if spawned from the Island of Dr. Moreau. The challenges are numerous though, both technical (we’re talking about growing human organs in a foreign host),

First chimera monkeys presented by scientists

In Greek mythology, the chimera is a fire breathing beast composed of several animal parts (lion body, snake-head tail, a goat head hanging from its back and so on), which has spurred the imagination of man for thousands of years. Though it is fairly clear that such an abomination never existed, apart from the infinite recesses of human imagination, scientist at the Oregon