For the past three years, we, the Ultimate Collection Project, have worked on organizing tens of thousands of high-quality science and tech-related articles and videos into topical collections that make it easier for anybody to find and enjoy such content.

Why did we do this? Our main goal is to educate millions of people, young and old, around the world and give them better and easier access to high-quality science content. With our collections science enthusiasts have spent a tremendous amount of time to really find the very best videos or articles explaining topics ranging from physics to biology and technology.

Maybe you remember Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “The Most Astounding Fact” or these amazing compilations of Carl Sagan and other truly inspiring science videos. Well, they are all part of our project. Here is an example of one such collection:

We even went a step further and made profiles for some of the most famous scientists of all time who helped to popularize and spark interest in science. For example, Stephen Hawking’s profile has over 1,300 links and contains his most remarkable documentaries, books, articles and more.

Furthermore, we added some of the most important science and technology breakthroughs of each week over the past 2.5 years – in our This Week in Science – including about CRISPR, gravitational waves or advances in cancer research.

Now we want you to have some fun too!

So, after having reached a milestone of over 20,000 links, we want to invite you to use the platform for yourself! Have fun with it, use any of the content we have curated or add whatever you find on the web to your own collections.

Signing up takes one click (especially with the Facebook log-in button, as shown in the GIF below); then simply add a link about anything you find interesting to let us know you’re there.

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Step 2: Add a link


You can message us at the main project page – – if you have any questions and other people with your interests will be happy to connect with you. To add a link, just copy paste  (as seen in the GIF above) or use the Wakelet browser extension (just google it). For mobile, there are both Android and IOS versions of Wakelet out there.

You can even take the links that already are on any of our profiles and save them, too, by clicking the “save” button! So whenever you read or watch something interesting, perhaps on the morning commute, you can add it to your profile in just a few seconds and later even share the collections with the world.

We hope you enjoy our collections of content and that you will have fun making your own too!