What is a Supervolcano?

Some volcanoes really are super.

Students draw more female scientists than they did fifty years ago

Science is also a “woman’s” job.

What causes Déjà vu — the unsettling feeling of familiarity in novel situations

There’s a glitch in the Matrix…

Back to black– graphene-based hair dyes provide permanent color without damaging hair

Color, without damage or fly-aways? Yes, please.

6 Reasons Why Your Eye is Twitching

Never has something so benign been so annoying.

What is the belly button, does it serve any purpose, and why is it an “innie” or an “outie”

What does this button do?

Don’t miss this Japanese study that has classified fish-shaped soy sauce containers into species

Yes, it is as great as it sounds.

International Women’s Day: Ten Women in Science Who Aren’t Marie Curie

Celebrating the work of female scientists.

Penguins find unattended camera, snap a fabulous selfie

It’s one of the coolest selfies out there — it was made in Antarctica.

Yeast and its incredibly important economic role

For something so small, it sure has a big impact.

The bizarre walk of the Western Grebe caught on camera

At one point, biologists didn’t even think this was possible.

Bill Nye Shares Some Facts and Opinions on Marijuana

It definitely wasn’t your average interview.

Darwin’s “advertising” — the magnificent biological art of Ernst Haeckel

You might have not heard his name, but you should have.

Silicon-based life on Earth? Only artificially, so far — but maybe natural on other planets

A team of researchers forced bacteria to create carbon-silicon bonds, and their experiment showcases why life on our planet chose carbon.

The fascinating story of how scientists unraveled DNA’s double helix

Today is the 65th anniversary since the discovery!

Incredible pollinating animals– other than bees

There are heaps of other important pollinators!

5 Simple Ways Seniors Can Enjoy Life After a Knee Replacement

A knee replacement is not a sentence.

The Hjertefølgers’ cob house might just be the coziest place in the subarctic

Please adopt me I wanna be part of this!

Debunking some misconceptions about evolution

Sometimes, it’s good to remember that even evolution doesn’t want you to be perfect. Good enough is just fine.

This fun online game lets you play a propaganda master — and it’s a fake news vaccine

Sowing #fear and #disiniformation has never been this educative!