Analysis of over 800 million tweets reveals how our thought patterns shift throughout the day

Who says social media never did any good?

Prions: The Charismatic Proteins

Proteins that cause illness are still baffling scientists.

The WHO includes gaming disorder in the International Classification of Diseases

Symptoms and diagnosis criteria very similar to other addiction-related disorders.

Smoking and diabetes linked to brain calcifications

How to turn your brain into stone — literally.

Men who flash their wealth are perceived as unsuitable long-term partners

Women can see through the bling.

In pain after a breakup? These three strategies can help you ease the suffering, study shows

No, none of them involved getting black-out drunk.

One genetic change 3 million years ago made our brains big — and won us the world

I’m not complaining.

Wearing glasses might really mean you’re smarter, new study finds

Glasses can drastically change a person’s appearance.

The magic number of exercise hours for seniors to improve their thinking skills

The most important thing is that you stick with it.

Life satisfaction hinges not on what you do — but who you do it with

It’s dangerous to go alone — take some friends.

Most common type of childhood leukemia is partly due to lack of exposure to microbes during infancy

After a century-long debate, doctors think they finally know what’s causing ALL.

What makes things cute?

It’s obviously kittens. Just stick kittens to everything.

Learning music or a foreign language can help your brain be more efficient

If you want to train your brain, consider starting with music or a foreign language.

Healthy diet may prevent brain shrinkage in older adults

Eating a balanced diet of fruits and veggies staves of brain aging and cognitive decline.

Overeager immune system cells may be to blame for multiple sclerosis

Fortunately, they’re hot on the heels of the mechanisms that allow them to affect brain cells.

How different stages of sleep work together for creative problem solving

Even the toughest problems cand find a solution in our sleep.

Growing up in poverty affects the structure of the brain — even in adult life

The correlation stood even for people well above the poverty line.

Stress may be our hidden weapon against anxiety disorders, new research suggests

Silver linings!

Woman’s runny nose lasted for two years, turns out it was a freaking brain fluid leak

She spent a lot of money on tissues…

Women prefer more masculine male faces no matter their own fertility

Good news for macho men.