The brain replays memories as you sleep to make sure you don’t lose them

This is something worth remembering.
So, maybe, sleep on it a bit?

People can recognize an average of 5,000 faces, a new study reports

Some more, some less.

Creative fields have a lot to benefit from people with ADHD, new study says

Finally, some go…… Uuu shiny!

Dopamine is the key allowing our brains to change beliefs — short-term ones, at least

Don’t forget to post some dopamine with that sarcastic comment — it will work much better.

Naps help us process information we subconsciously acquire during the day

More reasons to sleep!

Mediterranean diet can help fight depression, new study suggests

Healthy food, healthy body, healthy mind.

Our brains don’t like having too many options to pick from because they’re lazy

Never change, brain.

In the fight against depression, researchers turn to mind-reading (that works)

How’s your pound of gray matter feeling today?

Being hungry really does sour your mood, research reveals

Turns out “I’m hangry” is a legitimate excuse after all.

Painted rock points to higher cognitive function in humans 73,000 years ago

Artwork from waaaay before Photoshop.

Scared? Here’s how your brain decides whether you freeze, flee, or fight

The infamous three F’s.

Activating a new language is easy — the effort goes in suppressing the old one

Oui oui, tres bien!

Feeback, not evidence, makes us confident we’re right — even when we’re not

“the strategy of using your most recent feedback, rather than all of the data you’ve accumulated, is not a great tactic,” researchers write.

First-ever LSD microdosing trial set to begin

This will be the first microdosing trial in history.

AI spots depression by looking at your patterns of speech

Computer: “What is my purpose?”
MIT: “You spot depression!”
Computer: :(

Tiny fish passes mirror test, might be self-aware

Not only would it be exciting to see self-awareness develop on the fish’s restrained ‘hardware’, but also to understand what that difference means in terms of how the fish experience self-awareness.

Faulty findings, real appeal: the psychology of pseudoscience

Why do some people turn to pseudoscience, and why are they so hard to pry away from it?

We finally found the protein that turns sound and balance into electrical signals

The paper puts a long-standing debate to rest.

New research shows how our brains fight the urge to get revenge

When faced with injustice, the brain has to make an effort not to get revenge.

Humor done right helps in the classroom, 99% of students report. Bad humor hurts

In news today: people still like jokes.