Your lack of sleep might be the reason why you’re lonely

Get your good 8 hours of sleep, if you don’t like being lonely.

The right video game can help children develop empathy and better emotional control

The game is only being used for research purposes and is not available to the public, but has helped inform other games being submitted to the FDA for clinical applications.

Blue light from smartphones or laptops may be slowly making us blind

Be careful with your screen time. ‘Night mode’ is definitely a must.

People with more self-control feel less hunger, fatigue, and stress

Having willpower makes you less susceptible to visceral states.

Human activity is causing cancer in many species of wildlife — and this effect is greatly underestimated

Humans a bringing about cancer to a staggering amount of wild species.

Birds perceive colors and hues the same way we do

Does this mean we see everything through a bird’s eye view?

You’re doing fun activities wrong — but a new study reveals how to do them right

Stay flexible!

Another bleak consequence of climate change: more suicides

As if climate change didn’t bring enough problems.

What is iboga and can it actually cure opioid addiction?

Using a drug to get rid of drugs sounds counterintuitive, but it might just work.

The Science and Sourcing Behind CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the dozens of cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant.

It might be easier to tell a lie in a foreign language — relatively speaking

Well, this is unexpected.

Scientists image entire fly brain in ungodly detail

It’s a landmark achievement.

About 1 in 4 US teen girls hurt themselves, a new report finds

America has a hidden problem on its hands.

Cannabis makes the brain ‘noisy’ when it’s at rest

It’s almost like the brain is ‘wired’ all the time while high on cannabis.

Your car’s vibrations are making you a lousier driver — by lulling you to sleep


Scientists mapped how many places we spend our lives in — and the number is pretty small

What are your 25 places?

Want to enjoy popcorn more? Try eating it with chopsticks

Also, here’s why I’m drinking water out of a jar.

Researchers find a way to block alcohol addiction and ease withdrawal symptoms

Targetting a receptor in the brain could

Scientists found nearly 1,000 new genes linked to intelligence

Intelligent people tend to live longer but are more vulnerable to autism and depression.

Analysis of over 800 million tweets reveals how our thought patterns shift throughout the day

Who says social media never did any good?