Coffee or tea? The answer might lie in your genes

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New project aims to map the DNA of every animal, plant and fungus

One of the most ambitious projects ever attempted in science.

Researchers document first evidence of epigenetic inheritance via sperm

We’re not sure yet if a father’s experience can affect the health of offspring.

How Siberian Huskies got their ghostly blue eyes

These canine white walkers got their famous blue eyes thanks to a genetic duplication.

MDMA or ‘ecstasy’ makes octopuses more social, too

This could help scientists uncover the origin of social behavior in all animals.

One broken gene made us very good runners

A genetic fluke two to three million years ago turned humans into the best endurance runners around.

Extinct cave bear DNA pops up in modern brown bears

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Losing sleep can lead to more extra pounds

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Wheat’s genetic secrets could lead to better, more resilient crops

More food for less effort? Sign me up!

Bermuda fireworms glow in a one-of-a-kind way

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Foxy genes: Scientists map red fox genes associated with wild or tame behavior

Foxy genes.

Naked mole-rat kings and queens challenge what we know about aging

Having babies actually makes them live longer.

A lung-healing protein could be the reason why men recover from flu faster than women

Sorry, ladies.

Scientists find more than 1,200 genes linked to educational attainment

But that doesn’t mean the environment isn’t more important.

Roman fish salting workshops reveal two whale species lost from the Mediterranean

The discovery stands to change our understanding of the Roman fishing industry and the history of two endangered whale species.

What are the steps of DNA replication

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Scientists find 22,000 year-old giant panda belonging to a distinct long-lost lineage

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Understanding the Pros and Cons of DNA Testing

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Icelanders went through drastic genetic changes since the island was colonized

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Wearing glasses might really mean you’re smarter, new study finds

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