Why are people more likely to get sick or die from flu during winter months?

Low humidity might be what’s causing flu outbreaks during the winter.

End of AIDS in sight — existing treatment prevents transmission of HIV

This could deal a huge blow to HIV.

After a 300% surge in global cases, WHO and UNICEF directors say we’re facing a ‘measles crisis’

The moral of the story, kids, is get vaccinated.

New York county declares state of emergency over measles and bans unvaccinated kids from public areas

Unvaccinated children will be banned from entering public spaces for the next 30 days. And, honestly, I see no problem with this.

HIV + tuberculosis, a deadly combination, affects over 1 million people

As if having one of the two wasn’t bad enough…

Tuberculosis could be eradicated by 2045 — if the world is willing to invest $2 bln./year

The highly infectious disease kills millions of people each year, and that’s just a shame for a curable disease.

A third patient might also be HIV-free

A cure is not here yet, but this certainly is promising.

Defeating HIV: second patient in history goes into sustained remission after stem cell transplant

Humanity strikes back: another win against HIV.

Unvaccinated French child brings measles back to Costa Rica

Antivaxx trends and complacency are bringing back a disease from the brink of eradication.

Drug for common skin condition also fights heart disease

It’s an unexpected finding which might end up making a very big difference.

New software allows researchers to CATCH any known virus in a sample

“Tools like CATCH will help us and others detect outbreaks earlier and generate more data on pathogens that can be shared with the wider scientific and medical research communities,” the authors say.

The perverse link between ADHD and addiction

The neurological disorder often begets another disease: addiction.

More than half of parents try non-scientific methods to stave off the common cold

Researchers advise parents to employ strategies that are evidence-based — otherwise, their well-intended measures might not amount to all that much.

We can eradicate malaria — but we need to use new tricks

Improvise, adapt, eliminate.

Irish dirt might cure the world of (most) multi-drug-resistant bacteria

Dirt me uuuuupppp.

Novel vaccine might spell the end of Zika

Good riddance.

After millions of tests, researchers find the most promising compounds against malaria

This is far from being a final drug, but it’s still extremely exciting.

Researchers repurpose wasp venom peptides as antibiotics

Finally, a use for wasps.

Scientists find oldest evidence of black plague in 5,000-year-old human remains

The remains of a 20-year-old woman found in Sweden may help scientists retrace the origin of the deadly disease.

Promising new vaccine technology might finally end HIV-AIDS

Get lost, deadly virus.