The reason why 200,000 endangered saiga antelopes suddenly dropped dead

It’s a tragedy that is almost impossible to prevent.

Mysterious 16th-century Mexican Megadeath pathogen discovered

Scientists believe Salmonella enterica is to blame.

British surfers are more prone to be antibiotic resistant bacteria carriers

A new study shows that surfers are three times more likely to harbor very resistant types of E. coli. 

Gene mutation doesn’t make women diagnosed with breast cancer more likely to die

A gene mutation that makes it likely for women to develop breast cancer doesn’t actually make the disease worse.

Other people can tell that you are sick from seeing your face

They can tell only 2 hours after infection.

Medieval mummy shows people have been infected with hepatitis B at least for centuries

The virus could have been infecting people for thousands of years.

WHO approves a safe, inexpensive, effective typhoid vaccine

This could be a game changer.

Alcohol byproduct causes DNA mutations that might lead to cancer

An alcohol metabolite, acetaldehyde, caused significant DNA  alterations in mice stem cells.

A type 2 diabetes drug might treat Alzheimer’s

A three-agent drug used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus shows significant results in memory and learning skills in aging mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Family from Italy can’t feel physical pain because of genetic mutation

This discovery might lead to a new type of painkillers.

Novel gene therapy may have cured hemophilia A

It could positively change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Heat-not-burn tobacco is not as bad as cigarettes, but still poses risks

The results aren’t clear-cut.

Ancient mummy found to have bone cancer

Cancer was already affecting humans 2,000 years ago.

Intensive weight management can put type 2 diabetes into remission

Want to get rid of diabetes? Just lose some weight.

Russia on the brink of HIV crisis as AIDS denial runs rampant through the country

The country might be on the verge of a health crisis.

The humble fly carries even more diseases than we thought, new study shows

Flies can do so much more than ruin your picnic, new research finds.

Almost half of all US cancers can be prevented through lifestyle, study shows

Put that cigarette down, skip the beer, and eat more fruits and veggies — your cancer risk will go down dramatically.

Bill Gates invests $100 million to study and defeat Alzheimer’s

Putting his money where his mouth is: Gates invests massively into addressing Alzheimer’s disease.

Lab mice with natural gut bacteria are wildly more resistant to disease and tumors

Living in a sterile, controlled environment make lab mice not such a good model for human diseases.

Computer simulation identifies HIV Achilles Heel, offering new avenue for treatment

It also showcases how powerful computer simulations can be in fighting viruses.