Wind power could be harvested on Mars — and this might be a game changer

This could be a game changer.

Falling battery cost might push wind and solar to 50% of global energy generation by 2050

Renewable energy is set to power the future.

London’s Square Mile to use 100% renewable energy by October

A step in the right direction.

The pros and cons of solar energy: what you need to know

Using solar energy to meet your power demands does not only make you more environmentally friendly, it may actually save you money.

Does living near wind turbines really affect your health?

The answer is certainly debated.

There are now over three million electric vehicles on the world’s roads, after massive sales in 2017

Fossil’s so last year.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island to build new offshore wind farms totaling 1.2GW

As developments in Europe drive down installation costs, the US is eager to get clean energy.

Don’t drag your feet with renewables: earlier switch saves money in the long run

Last one at the finish pays the bill!

Australia’s “Impossible” Renewable Energy Target Exceeded

Australia is set to exceed a target the Federal Government said was impossible to reach by 2020.

The UK just went 55 hours without using any coal

Great news from the Brits.

“Algae forestry” could take CO2 straight out of the air and put it on your plate

More food, less emissions… but it’s all about the money.

Sweden opens world’s first electrified road, to charge e-vehicles on the run

It’s a socket! It’s a road! It’s… both?

Silently, Portugal just produced 100% of its electricity from renewables for a whole month

Good news from Portugal!

Energy-positive fusion could be available within the next 15 years

This will change everything.

Storing solar energy: Researchers pave the way for artificial photosynthesis

This could be big for solar energy.

Incredible farm in Michigan becomes the world’s second ‘Living Building’

Can I rent a room?

Solar fuels just years away, propelled by breakthrough in catalyst research

Research doesn’t have to be glamorous or flashy to be significant.

Chile to start phase-out of coal

Chile is the latest country to announce a coal phase-out.

30% of the European Union’s electricity came from renewables in 2017

These are encouraging news, but everything is not rosy in Europe.

‘Solar windows’ change from transparent to tinted at high temperatures, blocking the sun while generating electricity

For the smart buildings of the future.