Researchers create fuel from water, CO2, and artificial photosynthesis

The technology isn’t yet ready for the market — but it’s not far off, either.

99% of the world’s electric buses are in China

They’re miles and miles ahead.

In April, the US used more renewable energy than coal

Good news, but let’s not get over-excited by this.

For the first time, renewable energy generated more electricity than coal in the United States

The dawn of a new era!

Vietnam to introduce at least 3,000 electric buses next year

A remarkable initiative!

Researchers figure out how coffee can boost (some) solar cells

Oh great, more competition for my morning coffee.

Two-thirds of new energy installed in 2019 was renewable


New process can make hydrogen fuel out of seawater without destroying the devices

This was a VERY real issue up to now.

Solar and wind supply more than 10% of electricity in 18 US states

More and more states are benefitting from solar and wind.

The North Sea could become the UK’s largest battery — one that lasts for the whole winter

It would be green, too!

A third of cars sold in Norway in 2018 were purely electrical

Hybrid + electrical made up almost half of Norway’s car market in 2018.

Stanford designed software to spot every solar panel in the US (there’s a lot of them)

America’s getting sun.

Passive sun-powered device turns water into superheated steam

It could be a game changer.

Blue-blooded crustacean could pave the way for greener biofuels

The unusual creature is able to extract sugars from wood.

Spain is poised to go fully-renewable by 2050

Está bien!

New tech transforms human poop into clean biofuel

Sanitation and energy generation in one go.

Australia opens first off-the-grid, solar-powered classroom, using Tesla battery

It’s still early days, but this is a promising technology.

Newly-developed fuel can store solar energy for up to 18 years

It’s like a battery, but flowy. And it works with heat.

How to reduce your home’s ecological footprint

We’re all kings and queens of our own castles.

How supercapacitors could usher in a new age for hybrid vehicles

Supercapacitors, super cars.