The Ancinet Alp Mummy Trade Has Been Determined

I remember seeing an awesome documentary on the Discovery Channel way back, about the now infamous Iceman, a Neolithic mummy found in the Italian Alps. The documentary tried to offer a glimpse at his last moments in life, offering multiple hypotheses on the circumstances of his death (it has now been proved that his death was cause by a cranium

HUGE Waterfall discovered in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest

Belive it or not, there are still regions of the world left uncovered and unexplored. One of these, up till now virgin, territories, is a small region in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest region, where a very tall new waterfall has been discovered. Discovered, however, is an awkward word, because the waterfall’s existence was well known by the indigenousness population living there,

Junk Mail around the world produces as much CO2 as 9 million cars

Who here doesn’t spam? No, not the damn meat, I’m talking about spam mail. Yup, there you go. You go to your inbox every morning to check your mail, hoping to find that letter from your ant in Brussels, but instead you get flood with loads of trash mail. Well, besides the fact that junk mail agravates the hell out

Understanding mirror reflections

In 1970, Gordon Gallup Jr developed the mirror test, which measures self-awareness by determining if an animal is able to recognize its own reflection, and interpret it as an image of itself. Prior to taking this test, the animal is marked with two dye spots, one of which can only be seen in the mirror, whereas the other one can

Getting to know your roots

The Genographic Project aims to map historical human migration patterns through collecting and analyzing DNA samples from many people all over the world. The project has already been around for almost two years, and perhaps its main attraction resides in that everybody can find out about their own personal lineage, if they purchase the genographic project public participation kit. After