Meteorites crashing into early Earth might have supplied all the precious biocompatible phosphorus

Scientists track how a critical chemical element for life got to our planet.

Black Holes are sending quantum messages in the universe

Spinning black holes are capable of complex quantum information processes encoded in the X-ray photons emitted by the accretion disk.

SETI observes a “strong signal,” but don’t get your hopes up just yet

A star system 94 light-years away stepped in as a potential candidate for intelligent life.

NASA’s Juno shuttle gets up close and personal with Jupiter

NASA’s Juno shuttle will get closer to Jupiter than any other man-made structure.

Newly found galaxy is almost entirely made out of dark matter

A dark galaxy that a Sith Lord would enjoy.

Astronomers come back from a year on Mars… in Hawaii

NASA’s year-long Mars simulation experiment has concluded today.

Proxima B is probably the closest planet to Earth we’ll ever find, and it might be habitable too

Fire those blasters. We’re going exploring!

China Unveils 2020 Mars Mission and Rover

The Chinese space program is taking huge strides forward.

NASA re-establishes contact with the STEREO-B spacecraft after 22 months

It just needed some space…

Stanford scientists map poverty… from outer space

Researchers have developed a method to identify impoverished areas using free information from satellite imagery.