Elon Musk unveils the ITS: a spaceship capable of carrying 100 people destined to settle Mars

Yet another audacious plan from the billionaire entrepreneur.

Geoscience Australia confirms — last night’s tremor caused by asteroid impact

Monday night, a meteor put on a big show above Queensland.

NASA finds more evidence of water plumes on Europa

Europa’s water is acting up.

Mercury will join the Solar System’s “tectonically active” planet club

Scientists found several faults with its application.

China launches FAST, the largest radio-telescope in the world

Big country, big telescope.

Pluto’s ‘heart’ might be filled with an ocean of liquid water

Pluto shares some love.

‘Impossible’ clouds spotted on Titan – for the second time

Astronomers have made a puzzling observation which could have big implications for our understanding of Titan.

Chinese space station is ‘out of control,’ will soon crash on earth

At a press conference in China, officials have confirmed what many already suspected: China is no longer in control of its space station.

Mysterious space blob is a veil for a huge galactic nursery

Though they might look boring, one of the largest objects in the universe could be a lot more important than previously thought.

Centaurs break apart to get rings, astrophysicists now believe

Not big enough to capture material, the centaurs supply their own.