Newly found exoplanet might be the best place yet to hunt for alien life

Such discoveries keep piling up. We can only rejoice.

All the ingredients for alien life: NASA finds hydrogen spewing out of Saturn’s icy moon, likely propelled from hydro-thermal vents

Both Enceladus and Europa seem capable of supporting alien life, according to a major NASA announcement.

NASA to make tantalizing announcement about water worlds later today

NASA is doing the old ‘announcement of an announcement,’ and we’re absolutely falling for it.

Why is the solar system flat and not a sphere?

Elementary, it’s all about the conservation of angular momentum.

Venus does tectonics without any plates — and it’s possible young Earth did it too

Goddesses… always have to stand out, don’t they?

Jupiter has a massive cold spot as well

Jupiter’s Great Red spot has a new sister. Well… it’s not new, but we just found it.

NASA snaps unprecedented image of auroras on gas giant Uranus

A rare sight 4.50 million kilometers away.

This year’s 22 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts are out of this world

It’s incredible what humans can do with some funding.

Researchers discover atmosphere around an Earth-like planet

Can we get excited yet? Mmm no, not really.

Radio observatory equivalent to the size of Earth sets its gaze to the center of the Milky Way to image a supermassive black hole

This was thought to be impossible to undertake until not too long ago.