Latest results from Juno mission reveal massive surprises about Jupiter

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Mouse space sperm could pave a new era of space exploration

Space sperm to the rescue!

Ellen Ochoa and Michael Foale join the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

The best of the best.

Physicists propose new, donut-shaped planetary body: the synestia

Homer Simpson would have been impressed. D’oh!

Terraforming Mars: what it is and why we’d do something this crazy

Two planets are better than one. Here’s everything you need to know about Mars terraformation.

We’ve (unknowingly) created a radiation shield around the Earth using radios

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This 18-year-old Indian designed the world’s lightest satellite. NASA will launch it into space soon

Be more like him.

It used to rain so hard on Mars it shaped the planet’s geology

A first of its kind study found rain on Mars was quite abundant.

Puffy exoplanet is as dense as styrofoam. The unusual find could help find habitable alien planets

An extraordinarily inflated planet could prove very lucrative in our quest to find other habitable planets.

China plans to have an asteroid mining base up and running “in the near future”

Epic loot.