Scientists uncover unique speed and direction of Milky Way’s spinning ‘halo’

The findings could reveal the location of the missing matter of our universe.

Large Underground Xenon experiment fails to detect dark matter

Invisible dark matter continues to elude scientists

Viking 1: Laying the Foundation of Space Exploration on Mars

We have touched Mars. There is life on Mars, and it is us—extensions of our eyes in all directions, extensions of our mind, extensions of our heart and soul… — Ray Bradbury, science fiction author, speaking at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, October 8, 1976 Traveling to Mars has been the dream of many people, long before the beginning

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope discovers 104 new planets outside of Milky Way

Of these planets, four are believed to potentially be similar to Earth.

Gravitational pull causes some earthquakes on California’s San Andreas Fault

Despite being thousands of kilometers away, the sun and moon are behind some of the earthquakes on the Earth.

Flying Aerobot drone is being designed to soar in the skies of Titan

The drone will have to be light but solid enough to survive in the moon’s harsh atmosphere.

Star blast reveals water ‘snowline’ for first time ever

This space snow could help scientists better understand planet formation and evolution.