Stare at this picture. It will disappear

Seriously, just stare at this picture for some 10-20 seconds – blinking is ok; you’ll see it vanish, bit by bit.

This is called the Troxler effect, after the man who discovered it; what happens is that your visual system constantly adapts to all the external stimuli. This is why after spending a few moments in the dark, you start to see a little better. This capability allows you to be in different lighting conditions, while still maintaining a pretty accurate estimate of the lightness and colour of objects.

So if you fixate on a certain point, after approximately 20 seconds, stimuli which fit in your peripheral vision will fade away and disappear. The effect is most powerful for some colours and patterns, and is more powerful the farther the object is from your center of fixation.

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  • penis

    wont work

  • Chai Jian Hao

    it comes and go

  • Mel

    Fascinating!! Only took around 5 seconds for me though. :D