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Careless Crow Hitches a Ride on the Back of Bald Eagle


Working as a photographer, you get to see all sorts of unusual things you otherwise wouldn’t but it’s not everyday you see a bird resting on another bird mid-flight. Phoo Chan has managed to capture just that moment, with a a crow riding atop a bald eagle. It only lasted for a few seconds, but the images are telling. Chan explained that crows

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The great Pan-Pacific Robot Duel

USA’s MegaBots Inc issued a challenge to Suidobashi Heavy Industry, Japanese robotics manufacturer, to a giant, epic, ROBOT DUEL (hype intensifies).

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So you’ve come face to face with a bear; what should you do to bear through this?


A Montana family came perilously close to a grizzly bear near Yellowstone Park in the US when it jumped on the hood of their car. The family stayed in their car, kept the windows closed, and eventually the bear got bored and wandered off. But what happens if you don’t have the safety of a vehicle?

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This mirror lets you see how you look with different clothes on


A new hi-tech mirror allows clients to see how they would look like in different outfits, without having to actually try them on. From what I could find, there are two companies working on different versions of this product (one in Japan, one in America), but the bad news is that so far, it only works for women. Enter Digital

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Google photo software labels black people ‘gorillas’


It’s the kind of error you never want to pop up in your code: Google’s automatic image recognition software has apparently classified two black friends as ‘gorillas’.

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Blink and you’ll miss it: Picture of the Week


This amazing photo was taken by Flickr user sunrisesoup surprises an amazing moment: a hummingbird and a bee, two of the fast flying creatures, locked in a split moment when they are looking at each other. To get this shot you need an extremely fast shutter speed – 1/2000 to be more precise. The photo was taken at the Madera Canyon, at the northwestern

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The Great Barrier Reef left out of UNESCO “in danger” list, environmental group films turtle-back video to raise awareness of the area’s fragility

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The Great Barrier Reef, which stretches 2,000km (1,200 miles) along the coast, is the world’s largest living ecosystem. Environmental groups are pushing to get the reef listed as “in danger” by the UNESCO, so that the Australian government would have to work harder to protect it from various dangers such as pollution, dredging, fishing and so on. The UN says this

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Today’s Recipe – Making Tortillas… in Space!


Samantha Cristoforetti, an astronaut currently on board the International Space Station was allowed to take some extra food with her (astronauts are allowed to take “comfort food” with them for psychological reasons – a little something that reminds them of home). Today, she’ll be telling us how to make some space tortillas. Cooking in microgravity is no easy feat –

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What touching Fairy Holograms in mid-air looks like

femtosecond laser hologram

Most people would love to a holographic display in their rooms, and seriously you might not have to wait too long for this to happen.

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Sitting down for too long is really bad for you – see why [VIDEO]

animated video

Though it enjoys to sit or lie down from time to time, the human body is made for moving not sitting. It’s all hardwired in our biology. Inside, there are about 360 joints and about 700 skeletal muscles that enable easy, fluid motion. Our skin is stretchy. The blood circulates best when the body is upright. Basically, every cell in our body itches for a walk. But when you sit down for too long, all sorts of health problems can arise from back and muscle pain, to more threatening long-term problems like hearth disease or cancer. I’ll leave you to Murat Dalkilinç in this extremely enlightening, but also practical TED animated video.