Scientists need you to join the Phi-Lambda mission and make quantum computers work

All you have to do is play Decodoku.

MIT researchers develop printable electronics

MIT engineers have developed a fast, reliable and relatively cheap process through which they can print electronic surfaces.

Why the Weather Channel’s reply to Breibart only works in the latter’s favour

Don’t feed the trolls.

Overdue book returned 120 years later

A book that has been missing from the Hereford school library in England has been returned – after 120 years.

How close to a nuke do you live?

Ever played Fallout? There’s always a nuke nearby in Fallout.

First edition of Newton’s Principia is on auction, poised to become most expensive copy of the book

One of the most important works in human history.

After the Earthquake: Stunning Photos Show Huge Rock Walls Rising from Below

A sight to behold.

New high-tech shelter reminds us that Chernobyl is still deadly, thirty years after the meltdown

The new one is much better than the last one though.

The world’s oldest person (and only one still born in the 1800s) celebrates 117th birthday

When Emma Morano was born, Umberto I was still reigning over Italy.

Dallas will turn Dangerous Floodplains into the nation’s Biggest Urban Park — 10,000 acres of nature

Things are moving in the right direction in Texas.