Five common biology myths (or “Science in the service of the anthropocentric patriarchy”)

Here are five commonly accepted biological “facts” which are untrue but are used to justify our conception of ourselves and our place in the world.

Why modern ‘clay tablets’ etched with the world’s knowledge are being buried beneath a salt mine in Austria

We must not be forgotten.

The Lyrebird is the best impersonator in the world: it can mimick other birds, but also chainsaws, theme songs, car alarms — anything, basically

Meet the incredible lyrebird from Australia. And you thought parrots were cool….

What rocks is the Moon made from?

What’s the Moon made from, anyway?

Are elephants really frightened by mice?

Look out, Dumbo!

Why the dryer shrinks your clothes

I hate it when this happens.

Self-ink calendar uses capillary action to mark dates

An artsy calendar that makes you stop and think about how you spend your time — with a bit of help from science.

Startup designs cast that heals bones, lets you scratch

No more pens stuck in your arm’s cast.

#FossilFriday: The scent of a 54-million-year-old insect

An ancient pheromone spray.

Surrealist Salvador Dali cookbook released after 40 years

At the age of 7, surrealist genius Salvador Dali wanted to become a chef. It’s a good thing he didn’t.