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Stunning condominium in Italy is what you’d call an ‘urban tree-house’


Littered with over 150 trees and boasting a stunning asymmetrical architecture, 25 Verde – an apartment complex in Turin, Italy – is not your typical residence. Though its roots may be made of steel and concrete, this apartment building rises like a forest or urban oasis.

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Amazing retro motivational space posters [IMAGE GALLERY]

houston problem poster

Here’s a great collection of retro space posters put together by some valiant bloke on imgur. It’s really amazing how far humans have traveled beyond our fragile home world, both personally or with their spacecraft contraptions. But some of us seem to forget this. With all this suffering and injustice happening in the world, it’s easy to discount humans as a plague. These artworks serve as a reminder that our species can be truly amazing, transcendental even.

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LED hourglass lamp powered by falling sand reminds you to conserve energy

The Hourglass Lamps are powered by kinetic energy generated from the falling of sand.

Just like wristwatches in an age when everybody has a mobile phone, hourglasses today are kept out of aesthetic, and less for practical use. There’s something romantic about seeing sand crumbling piece by piece, just like the fleeting moments the hourglass keeps track off. Danielle Trofe, a designer from Brooklyn, NY, once again infused the iconic hourglass with a practical motif by fitting it with LED lights.

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Featured Researchers: This Week in Science


It’s been a while, but we’re back with one of our favorite features – This Week in Science! If you’ve not been here for the previous editions, we’ll discuss not only the most interesting studies of the past week, but also the people behind them – the men and women pushing forth the boundaries of science. The Iron Snail lives

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NASA research put together into a video showing how the ocean’s garbage patches formed over the last 35 years

Image via supplyshield

Aaah, the ocean. The true final frontier. Full of wonderful and exciting things, such as strange fish, stranger crustaceans, beautiful hydrothermal vents, and lovely, ever-growing garbage patches.

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Take a peek into the lives of a California condor family

Nesting California condors can now be viewed online as wildlife conservationists in California have set up live-streaming web cameras on the birds' nests.
Image via techtimes

Big Sur, California will see the newest installment of the Big Brother franchise, but with a twist. A team of wildlife conservationists have installed live-streaming web cameras on condor nests in the area, allowing scientists and enthusiastic bird watchers the world over to take a peek into the lives of Gymnogyps californianus.

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112 Elements from the Period Table Illustrated as Characters


Science not only involves a lot of technical know-how, but also a great deal of creativity and imagination. Often science and art are seen as opposites, which can’t be further from the truth. Worst case, they complement each other. For one, art may actually be the best way to communicate science to those who have yet to take a class or lacked an inspired influence in its due time. Take for instance Kaycie Dunlap’s graduate thesis called Elements – Experiments in Character Design. For her project Kaycie decided to use her passion for character design to give chemistry a more human look. So she ambitiously sketched by hand a witty character for 112 chemical elements from the period table.

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How not to get hit by a car: 7 easy tips for kids and parents alike


In 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 4,092 pedestrians were killed in crashes with motor vehicles and 59,000 were injured. These numbers represent a 22 percent drop from 1998. However, an unknown number of pedestrian crashes requiring emergency room treatment are not included in these reported fatalities and injuries because they did not occur in a public roadway (i.e., crash occurred in a parking lot or driveway). Some of these fatalities are caused by both driver and pedestrian negligence. Drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner to avoid injury to others. This includes keeping an eye out for pedestrians and properly yielding when necessary. But that doesn’t mean pedestrians can’t be extra careful and avoid an accident even when poor driving is involved. Here are some sound tips aimed at kids, but which parents should take heed also.

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The Iron Snail lives on volcanic vents, two miles under the sea, all thanks to its spectacular armor

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It’s hard to believe anything can be alive thousands of feet below the Indian Ocean where thermal vents effectively boil the water. Yet even in the most inhospitable conditions, life has a way of creeping in. Such is the case of chrysomallon squamiferum, a snail-like creature which may very well sport the best armor in the animal kingdom.

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Sure We Need Scientists, But We Also Need Scientific Literacy


As long as there are questions, humans will seek answers, as well as better means by which to seek and validate them. Science as a process for knowing will undoubtedly remain a vitally important part of human society, as will the scientists who bring these skills to the workplace.