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New carbon capture technologies promise to remedy climate change


Three startups – Carbon Engineering, Global Thermostat and Climeworks – are making machines capable of managing the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The new devices literally suck carbon dioxide out of the air.

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Animal Files – Sand Cats: The only Cats That Live in the Desert

Image credits: adremeaux

I know, I know, we’ve written about sand cats before, but these are simply not animals you can just write once. Now, we’re back – with more pics, and more info about these adorable yet ferocious predators. These cats are as remarkable as they are cute – the only cats to truly inhabit deserts, they retain a kitten-like appearance throughout their

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Juvenile Great White Shark Gets Stranded on the Sand, Rescued by Beachgoers


We’re more used to whales washing up ashore, but sharks also do it sometimes. This juvenile shark was apparently trying to hunt some seagulls and ventured out of the water too much for its own good. However, after struggles and apparent dehydration, the shark was saved by beachgoers. Initially, we see the two meter shark (7 feet) struggling as people

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Climate change will raise sea levels by 20 feet – and this is no surprise

Sea levels should actually be higher, considering today's temperatures. Further global warming will lead to a bigger rise.

The media is abuzz with disturbing headlines, warning us that even reduced levels of global warming will cause massive sea level rise, up to 20 feet (6 meters). Unfortunately, that’s true. But what’s almost as worrying is that everyone is treating this as news, when in fact, we’ve known for quite a while that this is bound to happen. The

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This sexually transmitted virus castrates crickets, but encourages sexual activity

A female decorated cricket, with spermatophore attached, dismounts male. Photo:

Meet one of slickest and twisted virus nature has to offer. Called  IIV-6/CrIV , researchers at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia  discovered the virus effectively castrates crickets, while promoting sexual activity at the same time like an aphrodisiac so it can spread. It’s an incredibly effective strategy for the virus, but can we learn anything from it? Like with most insects, crickets’

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Australian Prime Minister Wants to Block $10 Billion Investment in Wind Energy


Tony Abbott, the Australian PM has been warned he is putting international investment at risk after ordering the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation not to finance new wind power. Abbott, who is a firm support of the waning coal industry has escalated his war on renewable energy, attempting to block massive investments. Wind power is a rapidly expanding branch of renewable

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Bumblebees in Europe and North America bumble away from the equator as habitats shrink due to climate change

Image via:

In the most comprehensive study ever conducted of the impacts of climate change on critical pollinators, scientists have discovered that global warming is rapidly shrinking the area where these bees are found in both North America and Europe.

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Thursday, Denmark produced 140% of its energy needs from wind

Image via Deep Resource.

Most days are windy in Denmark, but Thursday was unusually so – it was so windy that the country got its entire energy needs and more solely from wind turbines. During the afternoon it was already reported the Nordic nation’s wind turbines were producing 116 per cent of Denmark’s electricity needs, and the figure rose to 140% by the end of

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Exxon had evidence of climate change since 1981 – funded deniers for 27 years

Oh, the climate-change induced irony.
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An email recently unearthed by one of the their own scientists casts the blame on ExxonMobil, the world’s largest oil company in the world, as they had data pertaining to climate change as early as 1981 – seven years before it became public issue. They chose to fund deniers of the problem for the next 27 years.

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Frogs use drains to boost their mating call


If you’ve learned during the biology classes in school that the animals are going to adapt no matter the circumstances, your teacher did a great job. Turns out that frogs aren’t the exception to the rule, quite the contrary. New studies show that tree frogs seem to be using city drains in order to amplify the serenades and make their interest