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Chinese scientists build first hydrogen-powered tram

Image: New China TV

China is the largest polluter in the world at the moment, and they’re also reaping what they sew. But you can’t accuse the Chinese for not trying to right their ways – at least some of them; in an effort to mitigate the ridiculous amounts of smog that clouds some of China’s cities, scientists have developed the first hydrogen-powered tram.

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Cute bunny species observed for the first time in 20 years

It's extremely cute, and extremely endangered.

There’s good news, and bad news. The good news is that an extremely rare bunny has been observed for the first time in 20 years, but the bad news is that their numbers seem to have dwindled more than ever, and we may never see them again.

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Science Museums asked to break ties with Koch Brothers

Koch Industries are among the main supporters of climate-change deniers. Image via Huff Post.

A group of leading scientists and non-profit organizations are urging museums of science and natural history to break their ties with the Koch brothers, climate-change deniers and industrialists. The two brothers of Koch Industries, the second largest privately-held company in the US, are funding misinformation campaigns regarding global warming and humanity’s impact on the planetary climate. “When some of the

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Chinese Park Ranger Finds Rare, Giant Salamander


A park ranger in south China was surprised to find a giant salamander while he was out picking winkles. The giant amphibian measures 83 cm in length (2.5 feet) and weighs 5.5 kg (12 pounds). This amazing creature has remained relatively unchanged since the Jurassic and is widely regarded as a living fossil, but at the moment it is critically endangered. After

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Woolly mammoth and modern elephant DNA merged. Next, cloning

woolly mammoth

Cloning the woolly mammoth is a life long dream for many geneticists and biologists, but the challenges are numerous. Now, we’ve come a step closer after researchers replaced snips of elephant DNA with those from the woolly mammoth. The changes they’ve made so far are stable, and even though there’s still much work ahead, little by little scientists are building the mammoth’s genome one piece at a time. Next stop: actually cloning the mammoth, effectively resurrecting the species back from the dead.

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Paris takes drastic measures to limit car traffic, in an attempt to fight smog


Paris authorities have put in place 24-hour emergency measures to limit the number of cars in traffic as part of their efforts to fight the smog shrouding the city. Today (Monday, March 23) all cars with number plates that end with an even number will be banned from circulating in the Paris region, unless they’re carrying 3 or more passengers. Clean cars will also be allowed.

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You’re flushing a goldmine down the toilet, literally

golden toilet paper

At a recent meeting of the of the American Chemical Society, researchers proposed a novel source of valuable metals: waste water. They proposed a method that could be used to extract valuable metals like gold, silver or titanium which end up in waste water plants via the city’s sewage.

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Every year, spring is 30 seconds shorter

Image: Flickr Creative Commons

Spring officially began in the northern hemisphere Friday on 22:45 GMT, around 30 seconds later than last year. As it so happens, every year spring gets shorter by 30 seconds to a minute, losing the time to summer which gets longer by the same amount. Whose to blame for the later bloom? Why, that wretched tilted axis of course.

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Florida employee forced to leave of absence and called a ‘nut’ for mentioning ‘climate change’

Rick Scott, arguably the worst US governor in history. Photo: Chris O'Meara/AP

Barton Bibler, a long time employee of Florida’s environmental protection department, was forced by his boss to take a leave of absence after mentioning ‘climate change’ in a public hearing. He was told not to come back at the office until he had sought mental health examination. This was in response to a violation of an unwritten policy that came into effect after Governor Rick Scott came to office, a notorious climate change denier and controversial figure, which bans employees from using ‘climate change’, ‘global warming’, ‘rising sea level’ and such from public communication. If you find this hilarious, you can stop laughing now. This not the Onion. This is Scott’s Florida – the land of ignorance and denial, or so he would like us to believe.

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Syngenta Photography Award: Scarcity and Waste


  Syngenta Photography Award aims to draw attention on pressing social and environmental issues, stimulating dialogue around a number of global challenges. The competition invited both professional and amateur photographers, under two separate categories, to share their views on the theme of Scarcity–Waste and examine one of the greatest challenges facing a world with increasingly limited resources. The curatorial rationale for