Islands shrink large animals and make smaller animals bigger

The island rule is not a myth, but an evolutionary reality.

7,100 cities from 119 countries sign world’s largest alliance to curb climate change

Most of the world’s greenhouse gas comes from cities – and that’s where we have to act.

Literally Ouroboros: snake gets trapped in a circle of its own shedding skin

Visitors to the Alice Springs Reptile Centre, home to the largest reptile display in Central Australia, were stunned by the sight of a snake who spun in circles countless times in a ring made from its own skin.

Tesla wants to buy the biggest solar company in the country and secure an unstoppable energy trident

Tesla Motors wants to buy SolarCity for $2.8 billion in stock-to-stock.

Mother bears now use humans as shields to protect their cub

It’s amazing to see how the bears can sense human patterns and use us. It’s actually refreshing for a change.

Chameleons use super saliva 400 times stickier than human spit to capture prey

The secret lies in an ultra-sticky saliva that’s 400 times more adhesive than human spit, a new study reveals.

How baby songbirds can tell us a thing or two about how we learn to speak

There may be a fine line between how baby birds learn to sing and humans learn to speak.