Female dragonflies play dead to fool unwanted suitors

An old trick.

As neuroscience advances, new human right laws are required to ensure our minds remain our own

Matter over mind.

Could Oman’s mountains hold the key to reversing climate change?

A billion tons of CO2 have been trapped by these mountains where the only exposed sections of the Earth’s mantle are found.

Deep groundwaters are not safe from modern pollution, study finds

Not good.

New, cheap artificial photosynthesis scrubs the air and produces fuel

Currently only works with blue light, but they’re working on fixing that.

Infographics that clearly illustrate our ecological footprints

What is your footprint?

The last male white rhino boldly goes on Tinder to save its species

Super like.

This beekeeper’s pest can actually eat plastic waste and turn it into something useful

The waxworm eats plastic faster than any other animal we know of.

Your phone’s case and your car’s tires may soon be made from renewable, plant sugars


A modern atlas provides maps necessary to save the world’s biodiversity

Originally atlases were invented so that explorers could exploit new lands, this atlas does the opposite.