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Even more glaciers in Antarctica set to melt in the near future

Image via Slashgear.

Just a few days ago were telling you about a huge, 10,000 year old ice shelf that is set to collapse in less than 10 years and now… the same thing is happening again, a bit more to the south.

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Massive MIT study says solar is the future, but governments need to be supportive


A massive study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that solar has the most chances to meet our planet’s long term energy demands, while also reducing greenhouse emissions. However, governments should be more supportive of the industry’s development.

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The ugly truth behind the ‘cute’ video of the orangutan and tiger cubs

Facebook/T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station

Social media was ecstatic – just look at this video of an orangutan bottle-feeding a tiger cub. Tens of millions of people tuned in to watch this “cuteness overload”… but the truth behind this is not cute at all. It’s actually quite saddening. We’ll discuss why, after the video.

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Panda poo shows they shouldn’t munch on bamboo so much


Giant pandas love to feast on bamboo – it’s their favorite food, and they easily make quick work of it, using their powerful jaws to peel the plant’s tough bark and get to its tender core. But even though the pandas love it, their stomachs don’t – a new study has revealed that the panda’s stomach is not adapted to a completely herbivorous diet, and still craves for an omnivorous meal, like other bears.

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Fossil fuels are subsidized by $14.5 billion a day

Image via Eco Watch.

A shocking conclusion came from an International Monetary Fund report: they found that fossil fuels will be subsidized by a whopping $5.3 trillion dollars, way more than total health spendings of the entire world combined.

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Bill Nye, Science Guy: climate change will consume us like WWII did our parents


At his commencement address at Rutgers University, Bill Nye – famous for popularizing science as the Science Guy – said that climate change is the most serious crisis mankind has ever faced, liking the psychological pressure to that experienced by our parents and grandparents during World War II. He then called on the students to rise to the challenge and question those who deny the reality the planet is currently facing out of ignorance or malevolence alike.

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Pesticide limit may be the last resort to save the bees, White House says


With bee numbers dropping dramatically in the last years, it’s time to take some drastic measures, and a White House task force including participation from more than a dozen federal agencies has concluded that limiting pesticide use may be the last resort we have to maintain bee numbers.

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Dramatic Californian Drought Forces Salmon to Take the Highway

Here, the Enterprise Bridge spans the same reservoir, which has dwindled to a mere trickle in 2014 as California is forced to draw alarming amounts of water from its vanishing reservoirs.

California’s record drought has completely dried off large swaths of rivers, including the San Joaquin River, which means that juvenile salmon can’t actually reach the sea. In a desperate effort to save an entire generation of hatchlings, authorities are transporting them by truck, on the highway.

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Ocean microorganisms can ‘seed’ clouds, research finds

Waves splashing spread out organic components which can encourage cloud formation. Image via Wikipedia.

Researchers have known for quite a while that microorganisms in the ocean can significantly affect the weather and climate, but now, a new connection has been found between phytoplankton and cloud formation.

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Are these joint-shaped turbines the future of wind power?

These wind turbines harness oscillations made by vortices instead of rotary movement. Image: Vortex Bladeless

A Spanish startup called Vortex Bladeless has been receiving a lot hype recently once it unveiled a prototype for a bladeless wind turbine. Like conventional pin-wheel turbines, their turbine also works by harnessing the kinetic energy of the wind. However, instead of moving blades which in turn rotate a shaft connected to a generator, the “asparagus” turbine uses a magnets to transform oscillating movements into electricity. It’s a radical idea, one that might forever change the scenery most of you have already become used to – huge parks of windmills, which personally I’m rather fond of. So far, the engineers behind the project have been rather secretive and the only things we know about the Vortex Mini (the first commercial turbine of this kind set to come out next year) is what has been disclosed by the company. They’re boasting an impressive performance – to the point that it might be feasible to forego pin-wheel turbines altogether in favor of the Vortex – but until we seen some independent assessments I believe skepticism is warranted.