Not your average “Jaws”: common shark myths revealed

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Startup makes solar panels that can blend with any environment. It can match a rooftop, show an ad, anything basically

A solution for people who think rooftop solar is ugly.

Does your country have bad drivers? Then your government is likely corrupt

Spare a moment to think about how the streets are in your country. The ponder how corrupt your country is. Do you see a correlation?

Additive recycles incompatible mixed plastics into uber-polymer

It overcomes a major hurdle in plastic recycling.

Half of the world’s species could become extinct by 2100, biologists say at Vatican conference

Welcome to the planet’s sixth major extinction — take a seat.

Australia wants to use a herpes virus to wipe out carp population — and this is a huge risk

No matter how you look at it, it’s a reminder that we shouldn’t mess with our ecosystems.

Aerosol emissions kept climate change in check over the Arctic until Clean Air regulations

Emissions work both ways. Well, worked.

Last year, 90% of the new energy in Europe came from renewables

Great news, everyone!

Even ‘dirty’ energy companies don’t want new coal-fired plants in Australia. Not even for free cash

Everyone with sense except Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, realizes coal is done for.

Tesla just announced it will build 5 Gigafactories

Big plans ahead for Tesla.