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Drone Captures Huge Pod of Humpbacks Feeding in Alaska

Humpback whales using the bubble net techniques. Image via Neutrons for Breakfast.

A drone captured amazing footage of a large pod of Humpback Whales feeding in the pristine waters of Alaska. The aerial drone footage, captured by AkxPro, shows a seagull’s POV of the scene. Here, we see a coordinated hunting technique known as ‘bubble net feeding’. The humpback has the most diverse feeding repertoire of all baleen whales. Its most inventive technique is known as…

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Ocean sediments are a cemetery for plastic


A few days ago we were telling you about a study which quantified the amount of plastic in the Earth’s waters – 5.25 trillion pieces which weigh an estimated 269,000 tonnes. But another study found that tens of thousands of plastic (or even more) are actually lying on the bottom of the ocean floor, trapped in mud and sand. Previous studies…

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Experimental flow of water along Colorado River leads to Green Rebirth


In March 2014, the US and Mexican governments decided to release a flow of water down the Colorado River, in an experimental attempt called “Minute 319″. The river has experienced record droughts in 2014, but surprisingly, this initiative reversed a 13-year decline in the greenness along the delta. The Colorado River stretches along 1,450-miles (2,330 km), encompassing seven US and two Mexican states. Known…

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Obama bans drilling in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, citing risk to salmon fishery

The Upper Tularik Floodplain in the Bristol Bay watershed in Alaska. (EPA/REUTERS).

In what is not only a laudable initiative but also an interesting precedent, president Obama has declared a large swath of southwest Alaska’s coast off-limits to oil and gas drilling. He stated that the environmental risks are the main reason why he is taking this measure – the oil exploitation could endanger fisheries which are vital for the area. “It is…

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Dog born without front legs can walk thanks to 3D Printing


Unfortunately, Derby the husky cross wasn’t born like other dogs. While her back paws are normal and well developed, a deformity caused him to be born with small and very twisted forelegs. He couldn’t walk at all. But Derby caught a break when she was adopted by Tara Anderson, who works for a 3D printing company called 3D Systems. Tara teamed up…

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Fracking banned in New York state over possible threats to public health

Protesters in New York rallied against fracking. Image:

New York state officials have chosen to ban fracking also known as hydraulic fracturing after a two-year period of review where numerous ‘red flags’ were raised concerning public health. The decision was made recently  at a cabinet meeting in Albany. No fracking in New York For the past five years, the state had fracking under  moratorium, while 120 towns had…

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Damming beavers also play a small role in global warming

Beavers have a slight contribution to global warming, by encouraing methane emissions. Image via am980.

These cute furry rodents almost went extinct in the 19th century, but conservation efforts have proven successful and right now, the world has a solid beaver population. But a new study conducted by Canadian researchers found that this increase in population also has some unforeseen consequences: beaver damming generates climate-changing methane emissions. First of all, it has to be said that this…

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The Mesopotamian Venice: The Lost Floating Homes of Iraq

Ma'dan houses

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about how to live more sustainably, but what surprises me is how complicated people choose to make this process. If you really want to live in a sustainable home and lead a sustainable lifestyle, you need not look too further – just go back to the roots. Sadly, the world right now is on the…

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One in five Australian homes use solar energy

A typical Australian home powered by rooftop solar panels. Image: AdelaideNow

Amazingly, 19 percent of all Australian households have solar panels or solar water heaters installed, according to  the Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS). The statistic is even more astonishing when you consider only three years ago five percent of the households had rooftop solar panels. A land of sunshine Of the 19 per cent, 14 per cent of these households…

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Closeup: Intricate macro photography of insects

macro insect

We’re used to seeing most insects as tiny specks, with little details distinguishable apart from some legs and wings, but Russian photographer Vasily Menshov invites us to have a closer look. His macro photography is among the most impressive I’ve come across, beautifully displaying flies, crickets or bees in all their intricate details. Some will feel grossed out, other enlightened….