New wind turbine could harness typhoons and generate enough electricity to power Japan for 50 years

Where most people see a threat, a select few see the opportunity of a lifetime.

The surprising reason why birds never crash mid-air: they always veer right

Seems to work wonderfully for them.

China will build the world’s biggest solar farm: 6 million panels amounting to 2GW, stretched over 7,000 city blocks

China does it again.

Violence might be deeply embedded in our genes, study finds

This is no excuse to get violent, though.

‘We won’t ever see a month below 400ppm,’ said NASA’s chief climate scientist

We’ll have some explaining to do when our kids grow up.

How India broke the record for planting trees: 50 million in one day

800,000 volunteers worked for 24 hours.

A WHO report says 92% of humans breathe dangerously polluted air

Canned air doesn’t seem like such a publicity stunt now, does it?

The U.S. is likely failing its share of the Paris agreement

A new study found that the US isn’t carrying its own weight.

Temperature records extended to two million years — what it can tell us about where the climate is heading

The more data we have, the better we’ll be able to forecast potentially catastrophic global warming.

Nat Geo showcases the beauty of nature, one picture at a time

Nat Geo’s Natural Photographer of the Year contest is in full swing — and it’s amazing.