10 Physics-bending Facts about Black Holes

Chances are you won’t come across anything weirder than a black hole. Here’s the proof…

Mars’ Arsia Mons and the dinosaurs went extinct at the same time. Coincidence?! Definitely


SpaceX rockets are just inches away from full reusability. Space flight might never be the same after

Last week was a historic one for SpaceX. Here’s what should happen next.

From fiction to reality: scientists grow potatoes in Mars-like conditions

Interplanetary potato, yeah!

Geological deposits hint at ancient ocean on Mars’ surface

Can’t have a devastating water wave without water!

Adorable NASA robocube will float and do the housekeeping aboard the ISS

More like robocute, am I right?

Supermassive black hole dislodged from its galactic throne travels at 5 million mph

In the aftermath of a titanic galactic battle, a merged black hole caused some waves.

Researchers spot the biggest brown dwarf ever, trailing at the edge of the Milky Way

Surprisingly pure.

Curiosity’s wheel grousers show damage after five years of off-roading on Mars


Landslide spotted on comet for the first time using Rosetta’s images

Comets are far more geologically active than we thought.