Tomorrow, India will launch a record-shattering 104 satellite missions

I can’t even muster enough willpower to count up to 104.

New estimate pins the age of our solar system’s nursery

It only lasted for as little as 3 million years before making room for something grander.

NASA’s mission to search for life on Europa takes shape

If we want to look for extraterrestrial life, Europa might be one of the best guesses in the solar system.

NASA team to study Kilauea volcano from ground, air, and space

NASA’s bringing out the big guns.

Astronomers discover the first “middleweight” black hole

Many more might be lurking in the galaxy.

NASA creates computers that can survive on Venus, 30 years after the last landings

They’ll have to face boiling acids and extreme pressures.

Astronomers discover the first white dwarf pulsar in history, ending half a century of searching

It’s small but it will rip you apart using only magnetism.

A bright green meteor lit up the US’ skies on Monday, and security cameras picked it up

They’re the modern watchers on the wall.

Mystery of Mars’ liquid past deepens. New study finds CO2 levels were too low to keep the planet warm

Things just got a whole lot more complicated.

Martian meteorite reveals volcanic activity on the Red Planet is at least 2 billion years old

There’s not much going on today but Mars must have been very volcanically active.