Elephants increasingly become more nocturnal to evade poachers

The intelligent animals have responded to poaching by shifting their foraging patterns.

Gemstones prove asteroid impact was the hottest event ever recorded on Earth

That spot is not a lake in cold, snow-covered Canada.

New record: on Monday, 20% of Europe’s energy came from wind

Gone with the wind.

The first water map on the moon shines hope for human colony

There’s less water than in Earth’s driest deserts. But that’s still a lot more than we used to hope.

Climate change might cause a coffee crisis, but there’s still hope

Is it really that bad?

Bacteria shapeshift in space in response to antibiotics, becoming far more resilient

Not good news for interplanetary travel.

Volkswagen is investing 70 billion Euros into electric vehicles

Time to make amends, VW.

ISS astronaut photographs hurricanes from space — and it’s mind-bending

Like the all-seeing eye, Bresnik takes impressive photos of ungodly storms.

New AI can detect homosexuality with up to 91% accuracy — but should it?

The backlash was intense. Harsh words were not spared.

An image is not always worth a thousand words, researchers say

Go with text if you really want to involve people.

Ugly Unicorn: Metal-tipped prehistoric ant drank the blood of its victims for dinner

Stabby stabby!

Wrapping paper-like spacecraft might one day collect junk and throw it into Earth’s atmospheric shredder

This may be crazy enough to work.

Burger-flipping robot will grill meat in 50 fast food restaurants

This will set you back $100k.

U.S. News rankings driving economic inequality on campus

Top universities admit more 1% earners than the bottom 60% combined.

Elon Musk shares full-body pic of SpaceX’s sleek astronaut suit

Space flight just got a lot sexier.

The simple reason why climate change is affecting hurricanes

It’s pretty simple math.

British archaeologists find Roman cavalry barracks loaded with weapons and valuables

It’s like winning the lottery.

Researchers find warm oasis beneath Antarctica’s frozen wasteland

You could wear a T-shirt in these caves under the Antarctic.

International drug treaties need an urgent revamp as more countries legalize cannabis

Drug control treaties had their time and place. A scholar now argues these are massively outdated.

People know mythical creatures better than real life beasts, study suggests

What’s real, a gruffalo, or a hirola?