CRISPR can be used to test for Zika and cancer quickly and cheaply

One test can cost 0.61 cents to make.

Experiment mimicked Earth’s early atmosphere hit by extraterrestrial impact. It produced all four RNA bases

A classic science experiment was revisited to explore the origin of life.

Sleeping around makes it hard to speciate around by mixing genes, paper shows

I don’t even want to speciate.

Want to know why you are a “night owl”?

It’s heritable.

Men trophy hunt to show off to the ladies, new research found

Please don’t do it with these people, ladies.

Genetic ‘typos’ may be a more powerful driver of cancer in humans than environmental factors


Are you socially anxious? It might be your genes’ fault

It’s all in the serotonin.

Why we shouldn’t bring back the mammoth and other extinct animals

Ice Age Park would be cool, but…

New gene discovery could rid Dalmatians of a respiratory disease

Only Cruella de Vil wouldn’t be happy.

Researchers complete 30% of the synthetic yeast chromosome — synthetic life is just around the corner

Immense potential in a small cell.