What doesn’t kill you does, in fact, make you stronger, new study indicates

A new research has found why brief bodily stresses are good for your health and longevity.

Resurrected drug could help us better fight viruses

Stanford researchers are proposing something different: they want to boost our body’s defense systems instead of targeting the virus.

NASA’s twin astronaut study shows living in space can change our biology

An unusual, one of a kind study reveals the strange influence living in space has on our genes.

People are more willing to accept embryonic stem cell research than politicians

As stem cell research continues to be a very divisive topic, a new study has revealed that the general public is much more willing to accept it than politicians.

The two infants cured from leukaemia with T-cells from other people are fine and cancer-free

In 2015, in a global medical premiere, children treated with T-cells coming from a different person have been cured of cancer.

For the first time, researchers create “semi-synthetic” life form with man-made DNA

Some of your bases are belong to us.

Low calorie diet ensures longer and healthier lifespan for monkeys

Researchers just added more weight to the idea that a low-calorie diet extends lifespan.

Chimps, unlike humans, are more likely to choose genetically-dissimilar mates

Two different takes on an age-old topic.

We pick our mates by their genome — even if we aren’t aware of it

Humans too engage in assortative mating, scientists find.

Seahorses have the fastest evolving genome

Seahorses are even more spectacular than we thought.