Bacteria from sewage are infecting coral reefs

Because the corals don’t have it bad enough.

Hydraulic Fracking leaks much more often than we thought

These oil and gas wells spill pretty often to the surface, a new study found.

London to introduce £10 ($12) vehicle tax for polluting cars

The announcement comes after a disastrous couple of months for London in terms of air quality.

US President signs bill that overturns transparency rule for oil companies. Trump’s war on common sense is on

“This is a big signing, very important signing,” Trump said after he signed a bill that will basically make it impossible to check corruption of US oil&mining corporations operating abroad.

British supermarket chain will start using trucks powered by food waste

Waitrose, a British upscale supermarket, has become the first major European company to use trucks powered by food waste.

Johnson&Johnson to remove plastic from swabs, switch to paper

You can flush as many of these babies as you like.

Nowhere is safe from mankind — high levels of pollution found even in the deepest oceans

Nowhere on Earth is safe from humanity’s impact.

Information about the world’s water at your fingertips

Now water is even more precious than ever!

JAXA’s mission to fish for space trash thwarted by faulty tether

Cleaning up is hard.

UV-printed text allows sheets to be reset and re-used 80 different times

This message will self-erase in five to more days.