China’s smog was so bad you could barely see its skyscrapers from air

As we previously reported, China is experiencing a dramatic smog crisis – again.

The fish that evolved to survive toxic pollution 8,000 times the lethal dose

A mutant success story.

All London buses will be green by 2018

This is the end for London’s dirty buses.

Paris, Madrid, Athens, Mexico City to ban all diesels by 2025, mayors announce

Maybe VW shouldn’t have cheated on their emissions tests.

Canada set to join US in banning microbeads

An important move for protecting wildlife and the environment.

Scientists are trapping more and more CO2 into volcanic basalt

Storing CO2 underground might be one pivotal for our climate future.

California becomes the first US state to ban plastic bags

California confirms its status as a leader in American sustainability, becoming the first US state ever to ban plastic bags.

NASA tells us which plants to buy for cleaner air — in 100% infographic format

Plants > Chemicals.

Number of plastic bags found on UK shores almost halved after just 5p tax

A few cents can make a big difference.

Smog kills more than 400 people in Iran’s capital Tehran

Unprecedented levels of smog pollution in Iran’s capital have killed over 400 people.