Trump’s new budget proposal would slash funding for science — especially Earth science

It’s not really a surprise by now, but it’s still saddening to see.

Replacing beef with beans on Americans’ plates might be the fastest way to cut CO2 emissions

If Americans ate beans instead of beef, the U.S. would realize 50 to 75% of its 2020 GHG-reduction targets.

Researchers show why flamingoes stand on one leg

It’s a pretty nice ability to have.

Earlier this month, California broke yet another green record using over 67% renewable power

Woob woob!

Ancient climate change turned whales into Earth’s largest organisms ever , study reports

Do you think they get self-conscious about their weight?

Seaweed is being used to kill invasive ants

It’s safe and environmentally friendly.

Loss of a mate causes birds to make new social connections and strengthen the ones that they already have

Birds of a feather flock together.

These tiny birds’ hopping could teach robots how to navigate rough environments

Hoppity hop.

Climbing Mount Everest just got a lot harder after the famous Hillary Step collapsed

It’s the end of a mountaineering era.

Warm-bloodedness shown to be millions of years older than we thought — maybe as old as the dinosaurs

The case for dinosaur warm bloodedness keeps getting stronger.