Darwin was right: females like males who are good listeners

Females (especially younger ones) like good listeners. Write that down, guys.

Monkey business: A group of monkeys in Indonesia will steal your wallet and sell it back to you — for a cracker

The Monkey Mafia is acting up in Indonesia.

Chinese company offers free training for US coal miners to become wind farmers

It’s the disproval of every Trump narrative around renewable energy — it will take our jobs, it’s expensive, China are the bad guys. In fact, renewable energy is so cheap and so efficient that a Chinese company will now train US coal miners in the ways of wind energy, and they’ll do it for free. Carbon County, Wyoming, was named

“A curtain of snakes” — for the first time, researchers find cooperating, hunting snakes

Snakes just got even more impressive.

L.A. lawns lose 70 billion gallons of water every year. “It was the maximum water loss possible,” said scientist

Talk about waste.

Trump’s new budget proposal would slash funding for science — especially Earth science

It’s not really a surprise by now, but it’s still saddening to see.

Replacing beef with beans on Americans’ plates might be the fastest way to cut CO2 emissions

If Americans ate beans instead of beef, the U.S. would realize 50 to 75% of its 2020 GHG-reduction targets.

Researchers show why flamingoes stand on one leg

It’s a pretty nice ability to have.

Earlier this month, California broke yet another green record using over 67% renewable power

Woob woob!

Ancient climate change turned whales into Earth’s largest organisms ever , study reports

Do you think they get self-conscious about their weight?