If you want to learn how well a pig is doing, listen to its grunts

One of the most familiar livestock animals seems to signal information about their personalities, but also wellbeing, by grunting.

Humanity is driving thousands of species extinct, but there’s a flip side — we also create new species

Humans — tyrants of creators? Two researchers explored this duality by studying both extinct species and those who had evolved as a direct influence of man.

Climate change is making the Arctic red — and we should be very worried about it

A tiny algae could spiral out of control with huge consequences.

Leading science societies band together to speak against climate change denial in the U.S. Congress

An open letter to U.S. policy makers signed by 31 leading nonpartisan scientific societies reaffirms the reality of man-made climate change.

Scientists find three times more groundwater beneath California’s Central Valley — but a third may already be contaminated

Stanford researchers found California’s drought-struck Central Valley harbors three times more groundwater than previously thought.

Global warming is greening the Northern Hemisphere

Global warming is greening the planet, but there’s only so much CO2 plants can absorb.

Grumpy old monkeys are more picky with who they call friends, just like humans

Though they’re separated by 25 million years of evolution, monkeys and humans share at least one common fact of life: both choose to have a less engaged social life at old age.