Ocean exploration reveals trove of natural diversity off Cuba’s shores

The reefs seem healthier… let’s try to keep them that way.

How algae prepared the ground 650 million years ago for the miracle of complex life

The story of the rise of the algae.

Baby dolphin killed as hundreds of selfish tourists take pictures with it

Please stop taking photos with wild animals!

Gene variant that makes plump, juicy tomatoes identified by scientists

Who doesn’t love a plump tomato?

Missing link dinosaur bridges the gap between vegetarians and meat eating dinosaurs

This missing link provides a glimpse into how different dinosaurs groups split and evolved differently.

Trump Forest wants to compensate for the POTUS’ climate policy by planting 100 new billion trees

Nope, it’s not Trump’s idea.

Fish farming could cover our demand for seafood one hundred times over, paper estimates

Something smells fishy… Oh wait, it’s my lunch.

Popular pesticides are killing of bumblebees by preventing them from laying eggs

It’s time to face it: our pesticides are killing off bees — and bumblebees.

Nanotech makes solar panels literally green, hopefully making them more appealing

What’s your excuse now for not using solar energy?

UN declares Somalia polio-free

Soon, we might truly eradicate polio.

Scientists find 91 new volcanoes miles beneath Antarctica’s thick ice sheet

Exciting but scary news at the same time.

Pakistan just planted one billion trees to tackle deforestation and climate change

Talk about pulling your weight!

Why were there three cows on Antarctica in 1933?

It wasn’t just for the milk…

Why sea levels around Finland and Sweden are dropping while the rest of the world is drowning

Earth is not a bathtub and some places actually experience a sea level drop due to climate change.

Goldfish make alcohol to survive the winter without oxygen

Go home goldfish, you’re drunk.

Air pollution wrecks our DNA, makes us more susceptible to heart failure

If you’re expecting, taking some time to visit some more pristine areas of the world might do wonders to your baby’s health in the long run.

Newly identifed 500-million-year old ancient worm had 50 spines bulging from its head

It looked rather scary and ugly. Nevertheless, it was an important creature in life’s evolutionary history.

A trapdoor spider rafted all the way from Africa to Australia

A long way for a little spider.

Using flies to find the animals that live in a tropical forest

Follow the buzz.

Two butterflies thought to be different species are actually the same one

Can you tell by looking at them?