You don’t need a brain to sleep, and we have snoozing jellyfish to prove it

Sleep could be as old as life itself.

Newly-described hermit crab species makes permanent homes out of coral — a first

This hermit crab is no hobo.

Nobody is going to make coal great again, says Bloomberg New Energy Finance founder

Sorry, bro.

Biologists find genetic master switch for the butterfly’s wing color

Only two genes code both the canvas and paintbrush for the intricate butterfly wing patterns.

Hurricane Maria “destroys Puerto Rico” — 100% of the state left without power

This is an abnormally strong hurricane season.

Ancient frog with a big appetite may have preyed on small dinosaurs

It bit with the force of wolves or female tigers.

Fourteen thousand plant species have been discovered in the Amazon rainforest

This is the first time that anyone has compiled a full list.

That study about larvae eating plastic is full of holes

More research needs to be done.

New NOAA report: This is shaping up to be the 2nd hottest year in human history

Damn, it always sucks when you come in second.

Not too big and not too small: when faced with extinction, it pays off to be just the right size

Big and small animals are the most threatened by extinction.

Biologists just discovered an underwater octopus city — they call it Octlantis

Ever wondered what an octopus city looks like?

Hurricane Maria also becomes Category 5 storm, threatens more destruction

It’s quickly following in Irma’s footsteps.

What a biologist learned after letting an electric eel zap him

It’s like getting tasered — nine times. At the same time. Professor Catania has the measurements to prove it.

Mimicry at its finest — or why this is not a snake

Disclaimer: this is not an actual snake.

Finnish project aims to turn sawdust into fish food and tackle world hunger

Teach a man to chemically process sawdust into the building blocks of life to feed his fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

The devastating state of ocean pollution in one depressing photo

The author wishes this photo ‘didn’t exist’.

Why Was Texas so Susceptible to Hurricane Harvey and How Does Climate Change Contribute?

The connection to climate change is more intricate than you’d think.

Elephants increasingly become more nocturnal to evade poachers

The intelligent animals have responded to poaching by shifting their foraging patterns.

New record: on Monday, 20% of Europe’s energy came from wind

Gone with the wind.

Climate change might cause a coffee crisis, but there’s still hope

Is it really that bad?