Hundreds of snow leopards are being killed every year, and that’s unacceptable

One of the most beautiful big cats is dying out — because of us.

Tasmanian devils developing resistance to horrendous infectious face cancer

I’d expect nothing less from the Tasmanian devils.

The Lyrebird is the best impersonator in the world: it can mimick other birds, but also chainsaws, theme songs, car alarms — anything, basically

Meet the incredible lyrebird from Australia. And you thought parrots were cool….

A seaweed could help us curb greenhouse gas emissions – if we feed it to cows

It can make a big difference.

For the last 18 years, robotic mussels have been watching over our oceans

They’ve collected staggering amounts of data.

Ancient cave paintings and genetics help find the ‘Higgs bison’ missing link

Thanks to prehistoric humans and modern DNA tools, scientists have cracked a mystery of science.

World’s biggest solar power plant might be built in Nevada — it’s supposed to power 1 million homes or as much as Hoover Dam

A huge concentrated solar power plant might open in Nevada, 2020 onward.

Just days in the mountains can improve your blood for months

Just a few hours in the mountains can significantly change your bloodstream

The UK government is being taken to court over air pollution…again

Canned air looking more and more like a brilliant idea.

Scotland joins the “fully renewable” energy club

Scotland joins a select group of nations.