Which animals use tools?

Tool use ranges all the way from sponges and toothpicks to sex toys.

Barack Obama transfers $500 million to green climate fund in bid to save Paris Agreement

In one of his last moves as an American president, Barack Obama has ensured a significant payment for the future of the planet’s climate.

Low calorie diet ensures longer and healthier lifespan for monkeys

Researchers just added more weight to the idea that a low-calorie diet extends lifespan.

Newly discovered moth species features Trump hairdo

A tiny moth species has been named Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, becoming the first species to bear the name of the US president elect.

If Donald Trump won’t lead on climate, China is ready to take the reins

Trump should know better.

Shark switches from sexual to asexual reproduction

Shark males might become redundant. Just kidding – but this is really groundbreaking.

When you don’t need sex, like these salamanders, you get lazy. And that’s a problem in the face of climate change

Sex is good for more than just procreation.

Elusive ruby dragon seen alive in the wild for the first time

There’s a hidden biodiversity in the sea.

The world lost 7% of its pristine forests since 2000

Some countries might lose all their virgin forests in the next 20 years.

Most ants don’t do much, and that makes the colony more efficient

Maybe it’s time for a vacation.