Ancient sea scorpion slashed prey with deadly sharp tail spikes

It had a built-in weapon.

Empowering women around the world could help usher in a sustainable society, paper argues

Help them help us.

Science is core to wildlife conservation

Scientists make a stance by marching for science and wildlife.

The African naked mole-rat can keep its brain alive for more than 5 hours with no oxygen

Nifty trick.

Antarctica is covered in hundreds of meltwater rivers and streams, and we had no idea this was happening

This could have been going for decades but scientists are worried nevertheless.

Retreating glacier causes big Canadian river to vanish in four days

Researchers have described the first case of ‘river piracy’ — a river disappearing after an intense glacial melt.

Homing pigeons can improve and pass on knowledge across generations, the only non-primate to do so

Homing pigeon have their own form of cumulative culture passing down information about routes do their peers.

Thermal diode could allow computers to one day function on heat alone

No more fans for us!

Zebra-like horse found to coexist with ancient humans in Russia

They were thought to have gone extinct way before.

NASA snaps picture of huge crack in Greenland ice shelf

An unexpected crack has emerged across a giant Greenland glacier, raising concerns that a big chunk of the glacier might splinter off into the ocean.