Toyota to start selling long-range electric car by 2022

The automaker is teasing us with news of solid-state batteries that charge in minutes.

Greenland it’s getting darker, increasing fears about global warming and sea level rise

It’s a feedback loop on steroids.

Three new species of toad discovered in Nevada

We’ve just found them, but they may already be endangered.

Rush hour pollution might be much worse than we thought, new study concludes

Stuck in traffic? I’ve got some bad news…

Animal files: Kiwi birds— unique birds

Find out why!

These sea spiders breathe through their legs

It’s amazing how nature can evolve sometimes.

Pangolin poaching is driving the species extinct, despite international trade ban

Please stop.

This shark ate a bit of steel, pushed it out through its skin and then healed back up

Sharks have officially reached Wolverine status.

Porsche announced it wants half of its cars to be electric by 2023

We’re witnessing a new age of sports cars.

New study maps Europe’s regional carbon footprints, helps us understand how to reduce emissions

Think global, act local.

A single ‘letter’ difference in their DNA made some whales huge, others sleek and predatory

That’s one really dramatic typo.

India starts rolling out solar trains that might save millions of gallons of diesel

India’s getting serious about their green revolution, and they’re taking it step by step.

Bamboo sharks really have to put their back into eating — literally

Specifically, they put their shoulders into it.

Give Elon 10,000 sq miles and he’ll give you a fully solar-powered US

Sounds like a deal.

Only five nuclear explosions are enough to change the climate and trigger a ‘nuclear autumn’

In the case of China’s five-megaton bomb, a single throw is enough to destabilize the planet’s climate.

Why bigger isn’t necessarily faster: a look at animal speed limit

Larger animals are faster — but only to a certain point.

Lioness mother spotted breastfeeding baby leopard — an absolute first

Unfortunately, despite this touching moment, the odds aren’t stacked in favor of the tiny leopard.

What creature plans and understands what’s in store? Quoth the raven, Nevermore

They’ve outsmarted all primates, and even four-year-old children.

Scientists use energy-recycling to make it easier than ever to climb stairs

It’s meant for people who find it difficult to climb stairs.

How much does the Earth and its population weigh?

Humanity is getting more numerous and fatter while planet Earth itself is getting lighter.