Tech improvements enable energy conservation in the home

In this energy conscious age it has become more important than ever to ensure that between our homes, place of work, and general everyday life, we do whatever we can to keep energy usage as well as subsequent energy bills at a minimum. High Tech home management systems It’s nothing new to have your thermostat set on a timer; for

Green Skiing for 2014 Season

For those of us who are conscious of our environment, finding eco-friendly getaways and resorts is a number one priority. Although we may feel closer to nature during mountain trips, not all of these resorts place natural habitats in their frame of reference. The Ski Area Citizen’s Coalition compiled a super-eco list that rated the country’s top ski resorts based

The case for an International Standard for RoHS

One has to wonder if the time hasn’t arrived when the world’s politicians need to get together and agree a plan to harmonise environmental regulations when it comes to the manufacture of mass-market goods. The complexity of complying with different regulatory requirements in a multitude of different markets places considerable burdens on manufacturers which act, inter alia, as significant barriers

Can I Wear Perfume and Still Be Green?

Perfume lovers do not have to chose between wearing perfume and saving the environment. However, they will need to be careful about the types of perfume that they wear. It can be a lot harder to find perfume that is lovely and good for the environment. Natural is Not Always Better Many consumers might think that perfumes with natural ingredients

Going Green on the Slopes: 5 European Eco Ski Resorts

Europe has continually served at the forefront of ecotourism trends and one of the hottest options for those seeking a sustainably friendly vacation, is to look to the slopes. Whitepod, Les Cerniers, Switzerland Whitepod camp is by far one of the most innovative ski camps in the business. The site offers 15 low-impact accommodation “pods” that are both cozy and

ECO PS4 Concept makes gaming ‘green’

The gaming industry is a fierce battleground between companies, everyone constantly updating and rushing their next console out the door to keep up or ahead of their competitors. Keeping ahead of the game means working fast, and although the updated versions are new and improved, more thought could be put into design to tweak and refine them. Take the PS3

5 eco-tools for a greener garden

Working in the garden brings people out into the great outdoors, making them more appreciative of nature’s fragile beauty, yet all too often, the garden tools and equipment that they use are not friendly to the environment. To ensure that nature’s beauty is there to enjoy for generations to come, many gardeners are seeking out eco-friendly garden tools. Here are