Quasar measurements suggest the universe is expanding faster than we thought

We might need some new physics to explain how this is possible.

Saturn’s moon Titan has rainfall and seasons

It’s raining hydrocarbon on Titan.

China spacecraft makes historic landing on the dark side of the moon

It’s the first mission to ever land on the far side of the moon.

Ancient cave paintings may be sign of prehistoric astronomy

These ancient people were much more savvy than we suspected.

Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun Pose a Big Threat to Earth

This is some scary stuff.

If we want to find the “missing” dark matter, we have to look beyongblack holes

Dark matter makes up most of the universe — and we still don’t really know what it is.

NASA finds ice on the Moon — raising prospects of a lunar colony

Finally, something to put in my lunar glass of whisky.

NASA’s brand new TESS telescope is already sending back impressive footage

Even before it actually started doing science, TESS sent back awesome footage of a passing comet.

Bizarre, rogue planet boasts impressive magnetic aurora

It’s a planet — no, it’s a brown dwarf. No, it’s… both?

This is the best photo of Neptune we have so far, and it looks amazing

Color me impressed!

How to “Weigh” Baby Planets

Weighing without using a scale.

Scientists find 121 giant planets that might host habitable moons

There’s a good chance life is thriving on alien moons.

Saturn’s tiny moons? It’s all ravioli and collisions

A story of “crash boom bang” around Saturn, with a pasta topping.

Astronomers discover the fastest-growing black hole we’ve ever known

It’s the hungriest thing we’ve ever seen.

“Exiled” asteroid shouldn’t be where it is

How did it get there?

These NASA researchers think Pluto is planet, but our definitions are ‘bullshit’ — so they want to change them

I’ve never given up on you, Pluto.

Cloud-free exoplanet provides best evidence of sodium in planets outside our solar system so far

A cloudless exoplanet has become a benchmark for astronomers to gauge sodium content in alien worlds.

Salty, subglacial lakes in Canada could be key for studying aliens

This would allow us to gain a new understanding of extraterrestrial life.

NASA and ESA team up to bring Martian soil back home

A great partnership for a great goal.

Flock of 14 colliding galaxies set to become the largest structure in the universe

It’s quite possibly one of the most massive objects in the universe.