NASA zooms in on one of the oldest galaxies with the help of a cosmic magnifying glass

It might teach us about how galaxies such as the Milky Way evolved.

SpaceX to test the world’s most powerful operational rocket, the Falcon Heavy, later today

This is what Elon Musk hopes will put men on Mars.

China deems blasting space junk with a laser station is feasible

It’s a super James Bond-esque idea.

Crowdsourcing astronomy: Citizen scientists discover new rocky planets locked in resonance

Citizen scientists found five “musical” exoplanet.

Cliffs of pure, blue water-ice spotted just below Mars’ surface

That’s a lot of water.

Five Reasons Why We Should be Exploring Space

Why bother about space in the first place? Well, here’s why.

Meteorites carrying both water and organic compounds point to an ocean world “seeding life” in the universe

Why spread your seed across the Earth when you can spread it across space?

Strange interstellar stone discovered in Egypt is like nothing else found in the solar system

A unique cosmic stone challenges what we know about how the solar system formed.

Japanese astronaut didn’t actually grow 3½” taller after only three weeks in space [UPDATE]

The astronaut apologized for the ‘fake news’.

Millenniums-old rock art in India could be humanity’s first record of a supernova

India was into astrophysics before it was cool.

What Curiosity found on Mars are probably just crystals — not fossils

This is likely not our first brush with alien life.

Nearby star is like a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for understanding the sun’s cycles and variability

Star can be capricious but understanding their mood swings is definitely worth it.

First topographic map of Titan reveals surprisingly Earth-like features

The intriguing moon Titan just became even more interesting.

China will grow potatoes on the dark side of the moon by the end of the year

A trifecta consisting of a lunar probe, lander, and rover will be deployed for this purpose.

Chinese space station will come crashing down in March, but it probably won’t hit anyone

Doesn’t hurt to stay under a roof while it happens, though.

Atmospheric methane on Mars changes with the seasons — and we don’t really know why

We don’t want to say there’s life on Mars… but there could be life on Mars.

Researchers measure the interior of two stars, find our models weren’t quite right

Not everything is as we believed in the core of these hot bodies.

Supermassive black holes eventually stop star formation

Supermassive black holes slowly eject cold gas.

Ever wanted to see how far apart the Earth and the Moon are? Well, now you can

It’s not exactly accurate, but it’s a dazzling display.

Astronauts identify microbes in space for the first time

We really do contaminate everything we touch — and space is no exception.