What’s up with Steve: A new kind of aurora demystified by scientists

Meet a shimmering purple ribbon of plasma called Steve.

Supermassive black hole sends radio echoes of its stellar dinner

Another discovery that cements black holes’ fundamental role in the evolution of the universe.

Martian oceans may have been aided by massive volcanoes, research suggests

A song of fire and water, on Mars.

AI spots thousands of craters on the Moon — including over 6,000 previously undiscovered ones

The AIs are getting better and better.

Kepler — the spacecraft that discovered thousands of alien worlds — is running on its last drops of fuel

It will have time to find just a couple more candidate exoplanets.

Airbus tests harpoon meant to shoot down satellite-sized space junk

They’re after the Moby Dick of space.

Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt is still ‘evolving’

Ceres doesn’t get as much love as Pluto, but perhaps it should.

15 new planets discovered — one is potentially habitable

Three of the newly-discovered planets are so-called super-Earths.

Galactic clockwork: Astronomers find all galaxies rotate once every billion years

Regardless of their size, all galaxies that just as long to come full circle.

Hunt for planets through Kepler’s data with this newly released Google code

Space exploration made easy.

A year in space — it really changes your genes

There’s no need to panic, but these aren’t exactly happy news.

Elon Musk: Mars spaceship might test flight in early 2019

Another audacious claim from quite possibly the boldest man on Earth.

Scientists ‘sew’ atomic lattices seamlessly together

The findings could lead to a new class of electronics like flexible LEDs.

Researchers create the ‘crop hotspot’ map of Mars so we know where to settle

All work and no food would make the colonists very sad. Also very, very dead.

New NASA data reveals many of Jupiter’s hidden secrets

It’s a trove of valuable data, but we’re still just scratching the surface.

NASA records fascinating Martian landscape of odd rock formation and sand dunes

Mars is still full of surprises.

Fundamental quantum mechanics equation can also describe large-scale objects in the universe

It’s a completely unexpected discovery.

Novel air-breathing electric thruster might mantain satellites in low orbit

It uses air molecules as fuel to beat drag.

Large, previously unknown penguin colony discovered through satellite

How were they able to hide for so long?

Astronomers find unique water-rich exoplanet similar in mass with Saturn

This odd world hundreds of light-years away could teach us about how planets in our solar system formed.