Ancient haute cuisine — Mesolithic people had caviar feast

It was a fishy affair.

Volcanoes are fed by ‘mush reservoirs’ instead of magma chambers, study suggests

We mush talk about this.

Humor and acceptance oust conflict and bickering in long-time marriages

The old that is strong does not wither!

Smartphone app detects anemia from pictures of your fingernails without drawing blood

It’s almost as good as the state of the art point-of-care diagnosis.

Young drinkers beware: binge drinking is bad for you. Real bad

You might wanna reconsider getting hammered at that party.

Supermassive black holes like to wear gas donuts — and we found out why

In all honesty, I’d wear a donut if I could get away with it, too.

Most people who think they have a penicillin allergy don’t — and it can be a problem

The good news, researchers say, is that there’s a simple allergy test you can take.

The recipe for life may have another ingredient

Scientists are cooking life.

“Collapse of civilization is on the horizon”, David Attenborough tells UN climate summit

Time, he stressed, is running out.

Worldwide measles cases jump by 31% fueled by Venezuelan outbreak

In other places, such as Europe, measles is resurfacing because parents are refusing to vaccinate their children.

Scientists sequence Lonesome George’s genome, find genes associated with long life and giant size

Lonesome George is dead — but his story is still alive, written in a genome whose secrets we are just beginning to explore. 

Blue-blooded crustacean could pave the way for greener biofuels

The unusual creature is able to extract sugars from wood.

Scorpion venom protein might be used to ferry drugs to the brain

A brilliant way to use a natural danger to our advantage.

Green roofs can be effective against climate change — in the right climate

Green roofs are making a comeback — at least in some parts of the world.

Scientists measure all the starlight ever produced in the Universe

The number of photons emitted into space is 4 followed by 84 zeroes. Now, that a moment to wrap that figure around your head.

China pulls the plug on rogue scientist who genetically modified twin human babies

The whole odd affair is unprecedented.

New atomic clocks could measure distortions in space-time itself

The new clock could be used to detect gravitational waves and even dark matter.

One bacteria lives on everybody’s skin — and it’s becoming resistant to antibiotics

Could you… please not, bacteria?

New deep-water microbes have the skills to help fight climate change

Unexpected but not unwelcome!

Buried Celtic chariot discovered by amateur treasure hunter in Wales

An unprecedented finding in the area.