New treatment boosts survival rates for lung cancer patients

The results are huge.

Football field-sized asteroid makes close flyby past Earth — and no one saw it coming

Close call!

If we don’t hurry, the life we find on Mars might be from Earth

The clock is ticking.

Ketamine nasal spray quickly relieves depression and suicidal thoughts

A novel breakthrough that could save lives.

Scientists pinpoint genes that give us our hair color

Women have lighter hair then men, on average — and researchers can now know what your hair color is after a simple DNA sample.

A single injection protects monkey from HIV infections

It’s not exactly a vaccine, but it’s the next best thing.

China will grow flowers, potatoes, and silkworm on the dark side of the Moon

A Chinese garden on the Moon — it almost sounds too crazy to be true.

Wild yeast likely evolved in China, reveals genetic sequencing of over 1,000 strains

Their results point to East Asia (China) as the yeast’s area of origin.

France battles scientific publisher over unjustified, high prices

It’s a much-needed debate we all need to have: scientific publishing is too expensive.

Sea turtles use Earth’s magnetic field like a GPS to find their birthplace

The loggerheads can find their original nesting grounds within 40 to 50 miles, despite being away for decades or traveling thousands of miles.

Scientists measure physical constant in unprecedented detail, which may reveal exotic physics

In doing so, they’ve come up with evidence that might tell us what dark particles and forces might or might not lurk beyond the Standard Model. 

“Algae forestry” could take CO2 straight out of the air and put it on your plate

More food, less emissions… but it’s all about the money.

A Martian puzzle: is this a supervolcano or an impact crater?

New images may be posing more questions than they answer.

Every extra drink could shorten your lifespan by 30 minutes

That’s over a limit of four to five glasses of wine per week.

Sweden opens world’s first electrified road, to charge e-vehicles on the run

It’s a socket! It’s a road! It’s… both?

Are hand dryers actually hygienic? New study found they spread fecal bacteria all over your hands

Use paper towels instead.

Dormant, berserk antibodies could hold the key for HIV vaccine

Their nature makes them ideal against pathogens that hide from immune cells, such as HIV.

Japan stumbles upon massive, “semi-infinite” underwater treasure trove of rare earth elements

Cheaper smartphones ahoy!

“Virtual” animals far outnumber the actual animals in the wild, fooling us into think that they are abundant

How many virtual animals do you see each day?

‘Punk-haired’ turtle that breathes through its butt is seriously endangered

But we humans are the real punks here.. .