Computer simulation identifies HIV Achilles Heel, offering new avenue for treatment

It also showcases how powerful computer simulations can be in fighting viruses.

Even casual drinking increases cancer risk

Put that glass down, researchers warn.

Putting bacteria-targeting-viruses into food packaging could keep food from spreading illnesses such as Salmonella poisoning

This study was able to keep the viruses working on bacteria for three months.

“Killer” mosquitoes are being unleashed in the US to fight disease

Their mission is to reduce mosquito populations.

A surprising number of people develop food allergies in adulthood

Overall, more Americans are developing food allergies than ever.

Scientists figure out how many mutations it takes for healthy cells to turn cancerous

This could be a revolution in cancer prevention and therapy.

Are viruses alive?

The answer has stumped scientists for decades.

Dancing keeps the brain young

Just keep on dancing!

Blood test can find cancer even before any symptoms emerge

Genetic sequencing could pave the way for a new age of cancer detection.

Researchers hijack plant to produce polio vaccine

Anti-vaxxers finally have a natural option.

Knee arthritis has doubled since 1950, and we don’t really know why

Aging and obesity alone cannot explain it.

UN declares Somalia polio-free

Soon, we might truly eradicate polio.

Arizona fleas now carrying the plague, doctors warn

Yes, THE plague.

Google’s top result for “cure for cancer”says carrot juice is the cure

All you need is carrot juice and beetroot. Sheesh…

Child in South Africa becomes HIV free

This could be a game changer.

Scientists want to reduce mosquito population. By releasing 20 million mosquitoes

It seems counterintuitive, but it can work.

Over one third of all dementia cases could be prevented by actions that begin in childhood

Dementia is not inevitable. Staying healthy is the first step to challenge it.

Massive simulation of the HIV ‘shell’ reveals new vulnerabilities that we might exploit to eliminate the virus

It took two years on a supercomputer to simulate 1.2 microseconds in the life of the HIV capsid.

For the first time, a vaccine for gonorrhea proves effective

Bacterial strains that cause gonorrhea have become resistant to antibiotics.

We’re losing the battle with gonorrhea. No clear treatment in sight, and things might get even worse

Gonorrhea, which just flew beneath our radar, might be one of the most dangerous diseases in the world.