Bitcoin to consume 0.5% of the world’s electricity — as much as Ireland

Bitcoin may have made some people rich, but it also consumed a lot of energy and produced a lot of emissions in the process.

Refugees give life jackets a new life, repurposing them as bags and laptop sleeves

Making the best of a bad situation.

Global tourism generates 8% of the planet’s emissions

Enjoy your vacation, but try to make it sustainable!

Average atmospheric CO2 levels last month were the highest we’ve ever recorded, ever


The European Union rules: total ban on bee-harming pesticides

The ban was applauded by many, but also contested by some.

Physical, encryption-like method could help the world finally get rid of nukes

“You can hack electronics, but you can’t hack physics,” says lead author Areg Danagoulian.

The UK just went 55 hours without using any coal

Great news from the Brits.

The richest 1% people could own 64% of all wealth by 2030

It’s not something most people will be happy to learn.

US Beef eaters are responsible for half of food-related emissions

The takeaway message is simple: eat less meat, especially beef.

Half a degree (C) more global warming would leave 5 million people homeless

Even if the goals set in Paris are met — this doesn’t look very good.

Why the US spends so much on healthcare, but doesn’t get the benefits it should

There’s a lot of bad news, but there’s also some good news.

Efforts to pull the northern white rhino from the brink of extinction intensify as the last living male declines in health

Things are not looking good for the subspecies.

Lego will start making its first sustainable pieces, replacing plastic

Green toys are the best toys.

It’s official: pesticides are harming the bees

Perhaps it’s time to consider a full-scale ban.

Norway to invest $13 million in “Doomsday” Seed Vault

We hope this vault will never be needed. But just in case…

Using rocks for farming could improve soil quality, reduce CO2 emissions

The practice could reduce the need for pesticides, improve soil quality, and absorb carbon dioxide.

Sea level rise is accelerating, could lead to twice as much sea level rise by 2100 than previously expected

Sea levels aren’t only rising, they’re doing so at an accelerating rate.

Meteorite and volcanoes may have worked together to wipe out dinosaurs

It was a devastating one-two punch.

A new Iron Curtain is falling over Europe — a “coal curtain”

A coal curtain is falling over the Old Continent.

France to Trump: ‘No Paris Agreement, no trade agreement’

No care for the environment, no trade deal.