Give Elon 10,000 sq miles and he’ll give you a fully solar-powered US

Sounds like a deal.

How much does the Earth and its population weigh?

Humanity is getting more numerous and fatter while planet Earth itself is getting lighter.

“Clean coal is a lie,” coal CEO admits

It’s not news that clean coal doesn’t exist — the news is that execs are admitting it.

Battery innovations might make electric cars cost-effective as early as 2022

Batteries are getting cheaper by the day.

World’s largest wind turbine will be taller than the Empire State Building

In wind energy, bigger is almost always better.

Innovative approach blends solar energy and honey production for maximum sustainability

The sweet business idea of a Minessotta married couple.

For the first time in history, solar jobs outnumber coal jobs in Virginia

It’s not even surprising — renewable energy continues its spectacular advance.

Solar could supply up to 80% of domestic heating demand in northern latitude countries

Cold nights in Finland could be kept at bay with solar.

Solar paint makes hydrogen fuel from solar energy and water vapor

Power from thin-ish air!

Germany, Belgium, Denmark, pledge to quintuple the EU’s offshore wind in a decade

No halfsies!

A first in British history: solar, wind, and nuclear each provided more energy than gas and coal combined

Although it only lasted a short time, it’s a significant milestone.

Green living at home: a list of techs to hack your house into clean energy

If you’re looking to power your home cleanly, here’s a good place to start.

Tesla’s not the only one installing solar roofs — another startup promises the same for half the cost and installation time

Tesla has some serious competition.

India cancels plans for huge coal power station — because solar energy is getting so cheap

Coal is losing more and more ground.

Chinese company offers free training for US coal miners to become wind farmers

It’s the disproval of every Trump narrative around renewable energy.

Earlier this month, California broke yet another green record using over 67% renewable power

Woob woob!

Germany produced 85% of its electricity demand from renewable energy

Germany took the lead in renewable energy for one day.

There are now more than 9.4 million people working in the renewable energy sector

According to a new report released by an environment and energy consultancy, 9.4 million people globally work in renewable energy, more than at any other point in history.

Fractal-etched graphene electrode boosts solar energy supercapacitor storage by 3,000%

This could be a game changer.

Tesla presents a new sleek line of exclusive solar panels built by Panasonic

The American company is looking to position itself as a sustainable energy power house.