Chernobyl is transforming into a massive solar plant — and it’s almost done

There’s some poetic justice in having Chernobyl once again produce energy — but this time, from the Sun.

French President at Climate Summit: We’re losing the battle

It’s a long and rocky road, which will require a lot action and a lot of effort, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

First all-electric cargo ship built in China will start its career drenched in irony

Cool achievement, ignoble task.

Google now runs 100% on renewable energy — 3.0 gigawatts of it

Leading by example, Google invests more and more into renewable energy.

Price of new solar energy plummets by 26% in one single year

It’s more profitable to start deploying new solar now than operating currently existing coal or nuclear plants.

Bacteria-printed solar cells produce electricity during both day and night

Living solar cells could power medical or environmental sensors. They’re fully biodegradable too.

BMW pledges to 100% renewable power by 2020, at COP23

BMW is going green-er!

New Zealand’s prime minister wants to go fully renewable by 2035

New Zealand is one of the greenest countries on the planet, but they still have a lot of work to do.

Italy announces plans to completely phase out coal by 2025

Italy joins several other European countries in announcing a clear end date of coal power.

Transparent solar technology could provide 40% of US power if deployed across all glass surfaces

There’s a huge untapped potential for solar energy across America’s shining skyscrapers.

We could power the whole of human civilization with wind turbines in the open sea

Offshore wind farms could provide three times more power than land-based turbines

Scott Pruitt says subsidies give renewables an unfair edge, and here’s why he’s a monumental hypocrite

Capital H.

Scotland’s wind turbines are getting better and better

Bravo, Scotland!

Musk says Puerto Rico’s power grid could be built from the ground up with solar and battery packs

A great opportunity for clean energy to help set a tragedy right.

Scotland bans hydraulic fracking — indefinitely

Some argue a firmer ban is in order.

Roll-out solar panels that unfurl like a carpet electrify tiny British island

The system can fit 10 times as much power output than traditional panels in a given container.

Dusty solar panels slash power output by over 35%, study reveales

It’s called “clean” energy for a reason.

UK’s massive wind turbines are setting the course for a cheap-energy future

They’re more like bigbines.

Nobody is going to make coal great again, says Bloomberg New Energy Finance founder

Sorry, bro.

New record: on Monday, 20% of Europe’s energy came from wind

Gone with the wind.