Eighteen U.S states are taking the EPA to court over weakening emission regulations

“We are not looking to pick a fight with the Trump administration, but we are ready for one,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

World’s largest dead zone identified in the Gulf of Oman — it’s nearly the size of Florida

“Piracy and geopolitical tensions” kept it hidden from the scientific community until now.

Boaty McBoatface to lead 5-year expedition to one of the fastest-melting glaciers

It’s one of the last barriers holding back a lot of water from hitting the ocean.

Europe will see a doubling of drought areas if climate change isn’t addressed

The Mediterranean, one of Europe’s most beautiful areas, will bear the brunt of the damage.

Flint’s water is deemed safe, Michigan Governor determined to end free bottled water service

Science says the water is safe to drink. The locals aren’t convinced.

Antarctic ice sheet is melting underwater, and this is a big problem

A surprise lurking below the surface.

Paris Climate Agreement 1.5˚C goals would help keep the Arctic icy

Otherwise, we can expect an ice-free Arctic.

US court deems disobedience a ‘necessity’ against climate change, environmental threats

It doesn’t set any legally binding precedents, but it definitely sets an important precedent.

Carbon conversion could make power plants emission-free within the next century

Can power plants be carbon neutral?

Humanity has contended with rising seas before — and it didn’t go well for us

It’s a bad day when the ocean moves into your living room.

Forgotten Poison: How Cigarettes Hurt the Environment

The extent of the environmental devastation cigarettes are responsible for is vast.

Bees can defend themselves against some neonicotinoid pesticides

A new way to make pesticides more bee-friendly.

Glacier melting is beyond the point of no return — at least for this century

We’re beyond a tipping point, but not all is lost yet.

This century, glaciers will bleed — the fight is on to save what’s left of them in 100 years

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

As cities grow, we must bring the forest into our midst — or pay up

I, for one, welcome our new sylvan neighbors.

Yikes! More than 90% of bottled water contains tiny pieces of plastic

Well-known water bottle brands were also guilty.

Low oxygen “dead-zones” can be deadlier to marine life than we thought

Beware ye who swim here.

Climate change is link between record-low Arctic ice cover, freak weather in Europe and the US

The Arctic’s getting really hot.

Bill Nye Shares Some Facts and Opinions on Marijuana

It definitely wasn’t your average interview.

Using rocks for farming could improve soil quality, reduce CO2 emissions

The practice could reduce the need for pesticides, improve soil quality, and absorb carbon dioxide.