Rome, the eternal city – of trash

Italy’s capital is overflowing with trash and local authorities seem completely overwhelmed.

Stockholm says no to fashion week to explore more sustainable options

A laudable initiative from Sweden.

Antarctic instability could raise sea levels by half a meter in 150 years

Currently, sea levels are 20 cm (almost 8 inches) above pre-industrial levels.

Researchers look into reviving bleached corals using ‘non-preferred’ algal symbiotes

“We want to know if it’s possible that more heat tolerant, non-preferred algae could revive bleached coral communities even if the relationship is less efficient,” the authors say.

Groundwater pumping is bleeding the US’s rivers dry

We’re hoarding all the supply.

Old forests are better at dealing with climate change, study finds

Old age doesn’t mean ‘frail’.

The governments of 187 countries agreed to limit international plastic movement — but the US is not among them

It’s good news, with a bad twist.

Chernobyl has turned into a thriving habitat for hundreds of species

The environmental pressure generated by humans is larger than a nuclear explosion — a revealing vision of the type of impact we’re having on the world.

The UK had a coal-free week — the first time since 1882

This is the country’s first coal-free week since the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

The EU should not import Brazilian products linked to deforestation and human rights violations, urges open letter from European scientists

We can make a difference!

Britain is going through a “widespread loss” of pollinating insects, study reports

Not good!

Our ships carry invasive species, not just trade — and it is rapidly getting worse

Your package has arrived sir, it seems to be a pair of socks. The zebra mussel is on the house.

Our social brains handle environmental issues poorly — “You can’t kiss and make up with the environment,” researchers say

“Terms like ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green’ encourage the view that objects, behaviors and decisions with these labels are ‘good’ rather than ‘less bad’ for the environment,” says co-author Dr Linda Langeborg.

Great Coral Reef hit by massive surge of muddy water — visible from satellite

This is just adding more salt to the wound.

Environmental cleanups return on investment — and they return big time

Cleaning up makes economic sense.

Luxembourg to become the first country to make public transportation free

It’s Luxembourg’s moment in the spotlight.

NOAA’s annual report says 2018 was the “second-warmest year on record” in the Arctic

Could I have some ice with this? Oh… oh wait.

Microplastics found in the guts of all sea turtles across the oceans

More than 100 turtles were tested — all had synthetic fibers in their guts.

Pesticide build-ups are contaminating Europe’s fields

You reap what you sow.

Atmospheric greenhouse gas levels hit new record. Just like in 2017… and 2016

We’re really good at setting bad standards.