CRISPR can be used to test for Zika and cancer quickly and cheaply

One test can cost 0.61 cents to make.

Genetic ‘typos’ may be a more powerful driver of cancer in humans than environmental factors


Yellow fever is killing thousands of rare monkeys in Brazil

The forests are silent now.

New gene discovery could rid Dalmatians of a respiratory disease

Only Cruella de Vil wouldn’t be happy.

New hydrogel can glue retina back into eye

This could revolutionize eye surgery!

Edible Ebola vaccine for wild apes could revolutionize how we fight the disease

It’s a terrible irony.

1962 vaccine breakthrough prevented 4.5 billion cases of polio, measles, rabies, hepatitis A, and many others

This man and his colleagues saved millions of lives. But you’ve probably never heard of him.

World Health Organization says these 12 pathogens could change the world as we know it

Some of them are a hairsbreadth away from infecting us with impunity.

Five HIV patients are now virus-free thanks to a new vaccine therapy — but success rate is low

The new therapy gives the body new tools to weed out the HIV virus without any other drugs — one man has been HIV-free for 7 months.

New treatment effectively kills whipworm — a roundworm which infects 1 billion people

A new treatment from the University of Manchester brings hope for hundreds of millions of people.

Scientists engineer mosquitoes that could stop malaria spread

A mosquito with a gene that blocks the malaria parasite has been created in the laboratory, a new research reports.

Information about the world’s water at your fingertips

Now water is even more precious than ever!

Artificial intelligence is just as good at spotting skin cancer as doctors. Could be turned into an app

This machine could save thousands of lives.

The two infants cured from leukaemia with T-cells from other people are fine and cancer-free

In 2015, in a global medical premiere, children treated with T-cells coming from a different person have been cured of cancer.

Sex is painful for 1 in 13 women, but no one wants to talk about it

A survey of 7,000 sexually active women aged 16 to 74 found that sex is painful for a lot of women — they just don’t like to talk about it.

Medication prevents HIV/AIDS has 92% success rate, but people don’t know about it yet

If taken daily, the pills can reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 92 percent.

Common cold vaccine patented in the EU

Seems like our bodies were fighting the disease the wrong way all along.

NIH isolates new antibody which neutralizes 98% of HIV strains in lab trials

We’re getting closer to a cure.

The measles vaccine saved over 20,000,000 lives since 2,000

Vaccines save lives.

UK red squirrels found to be leprosy bacteria carrier in new study

You’re pretty safe unless one coughs on you.