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If you take pleasure in reading ZME Science, want to share some knowledge, or have something you want to raise awareness on, we’d love to hear from you! We’d love to work with people who are enthusiastic about science, technology and the environment, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

What the advantages are

  • All of our collaborators get recommendations and credentials from our behalf, for use at University (for journalism students) or a future job position as a writer — scientific or not. Publishing on ZME Science will be a small boost to your CV.
  • You’ll be joining an energetic team of open-minded and passionate people from all fields of science.
  • You will reach an audience of over 20,000 people a day and over 1,000,000 each month.
  • You can write from anywhere in the world, even the comfort of your own bed. Or the beach. Really, we don’t care.
  • You could get access to scientific studies and journals.
  • You might get the chance to attend conferences or symposium, and enter educational, scientific or environmental programs.
  • You could receive products for review (gadgets, books, games).
  • Sometimes, we send sweet ZME merch to our collaborators.


  • Solid knowledge of the English language.
  • Knowledge about the topic for which you are writing.
  • Enthusiasm and commitment.
  • No conspiracy theories. No pseudoscience. No promoting products or services.

Previous experience is not a requirement but is definitely a plus.

Our policy on guest posts

We believe that guest posts are a great way to reach out to a new audience, make a name for yourself or add something juicy to your online CV. However, we are aware that many people are trying to use guest posts as a way to promote their brand and make money by linking to products or services.

We don’t allow this!

Let me be extra clear: we don’t allow any commercial links in our guest posts, or the author box, or anywhere! That means that you can only link to scientific journals, science articles, Wikipedia or any highly reputable sources.

So while we encourage any knowledgeable and passionate people to write and share their knowledge with our audience, please don’t waste your (and our) time with things like that.

If you are another blogger and want to make a name for yourself, the conditions above apply. A link to your blog might be allowed, but it will be no-follow, in compliance with the Google terms.

Still interested? Contact andrei [at] zmescience.com with mail title “ZME contributor“.

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  3. aqib says:

    I want tot post on your this site   please tell me price,,  
    waiting for your positive response..  
    Thank you,,,

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