Whether it’s for home or business use, if you have a computer then it’s vital to have some anti-virus software installed on it, and here’s why.

With the huge increase in numbers of individuals and businesses using the internet and being online 24/7, there are ever more viruses being released by hackers in the hope that some of their viruses will get through to people’s hard drives so that they can extract sensitive information for fraudulent purposes.

Just think about the kind of information you store on your business desktops and hard drives. And it’s not just your business’ information; there’s plenty of sensitive information about your clients on there too. Having your internet security breached could be really damaging for your business reputation.

There are many different versions of internet security available, and if you don’t have any at the moment, you should make it a priority to at least download a free trial version of anti-virus software. All the main providers of internet security offer these and some offer free internet security that you can choose to use.

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But you shouldn’t stop there. If you have any other device that you connect to the internet with, that will also need anti-virus software installed and running on it. Whether it’s a smartphone, android tablet, Mac or Windows desktop or laptop, any internet-ready device can be prey to hackers’ viruses and Trojan worms.

Each different kind of device will need the appropriate software so it’s often a sensible idea to buy a multi-device licence, like the one offered by Kaspersky called Kaspersky One. This provides the licence holder to cover either three or five different types of device under the same licence, representing a saving in subscription costs and also making it easier to manage the renewal of the subscription.

Compare different packages that are available and talk to people in your networks about their personal recommendations to help you decide which provider to go with. Downloading a free trial of internet security will allow you to really test out how compatible the software is with your system.