blue_computer_speedStarbucks is considered a mammoth in this industry. The company has its humble beginnings in Seattle as a coffee retailer. Today, this is the most successful coffee house chain in the world with over twenty thousand stores globally. Part of its marketing campaign is providing free Wi-Fi connectivity to its users. AT&T has been its Internet provider since 2008, but recently, it announced that its stores will now have its Wi-Fi service from Google. How will this change impact its current market?

The Google Wi-Fi Service

Google connection that will be installed in Starbucks will be blazing like the speed of lightning. Claims say that this will be 10 times faster than the one offered by AT&T. Those who will be receiving Google fiber service will even get to enjoy the Internet speed that is a hundred times better than the system it will replace. When it comes to coffee shops, it is now very common for one to have free Wi-Fi connectivity. However, these will never be made equal. Some will offer better connection than others. Many people like to enjoy their cup of coffee in front of their gadgets like laptops, tablet and Smartphones.

Starbucks Ahead of Competitors

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If the Internet speed can live up to their claims, then many people will be attracted. Who does not enjoy free Wi-Fi connection and on top of that, you can browse through web pages without the annoyance of lagging? Even if you do offer free Wi-Fi service, if people who connect to your network will have trouble even opening simple applications from providers on their Smartphones, people may not want to come to your store for a second visit. Some people buy from coffee shops not because they only want to have a sip of premium coffee, they are also in it for the free Internet. Most people who buy expensive coffee are those from the working class. These are the people who bring their work with them everywhere they go. If they sit down at your coffee shop and open their communication gadgets, they could be doing their work. Many people are tied to their work and if Starbucks offers better Internet connections through Google’s Wi-Fi compared to its competitors, then it could easily get some of their customers to come into their stores.

Starbucks Can Better Serve the Community

Starbucks does not only attract the working class. Students also come here to do their assignments. Although schools do have Internet libraries, some of these have restrictions to the content that you can view. With better Wi-Fi connection, Starbucks stores can be an avenue where students can make use of their laptops to broaden their knowledge. In a sense, the better Internet connection of Starbucks can also breed the minds of the future leaders of the community. If disasters strike such as hurricanes, this coffee shop can be used to connect to families if Internet connection at home becomes interrupted.

Not Just the Internet

Of course, the free Wi-Fi connection is just part of the success of Starbucks. The store has come far to what it is today because it offers quality service and they keep their employees happy by giving them health insurance; something that other companies do not offer. This may be the reason why employees are motivated to do their best whenever they are serving you an espresso or a latte. They are also finding ways to make the buying experience more convenient for their customers. They make sure that your coffee is served in less than five minutes and you can now pay for your order at a Starbucks outlet with the use of your Smartphone. Combine great coffee, outstanding customer service and super-fast Internet connection, what you have is a powerhouse coffeehouse.