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Botox, afternoon facials and jewellery – the preserve of image-conscious Singaporean females, right? Think again. The modern Singaporean man takes pride in his appearance too, and isn’t afraid to show it (or spend money on it).

Blogger Albert Robinson noted years ago the trend for Singaporean men wearing jewellery, such as ear studs and necklaces on his blog while male grooming products like moisturiser and even foundation have been flying off the shelves of pharmacies for years now. But men are starting to go to even greater lengths to look the part and are embracing surgical procedures.

Local dermatologists, surgeons and the National Skin Centre have all reported seeing more and more enquiries from men about aesthetic procedures. So what exactly are these local men having done?

Buff up that bod

Men, just like women, are effected by media images of toned torsos in magazines or competitions like Manhunt (, and many are getting increasingly worried that their own bodies don’t match up.

Not content with hitting the gym after work, Singaporean men are increasing going under the knife or laser in an effort to hone their body. Liposuction is still popular, but lots of men who are too busy for a long recovery tine and don’t want anyone suspecting they’ve had work done are opting for less invasive procedures like Coolscupting which can help them sculpt the six-pack they’ve always dreamed of.

Look well-rested

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The pace of life in Singapore can be lightning fast and many men feeling under pressure are starting to notice the effect it’s having on them when they look in the mirror. Just look what President Obama’s time in office has done to his looks and it’s clear that a stressful job can age you prematurely.

But men who work in an environment which favours youth can’t afford to look older than their years, or appear to be cracking under the pressure. Many men in Singapore are having Botox injections during their lunch breaks to banish dreaded frown lines. Others are faking a good night’s sleep by having excess skin, muscle and fatty tissue under their eyes removed to tackle eye bags.

Don’t sweat it

We’ve all been there: you take a shower, apply deodorant, put on a crisp white shirt and head for the office. But just a few minutes walking to the car or MRT can leave your dripping with sweat in the Singaporean heat. If you’ve got a big meeting or an interview, wet patches under your arms or stinky body odour can be a nightmare.

So when even the strongest anti-perspirant fails them, Singaporean men are taking matters into their own hands and are getting Botox injections under their arms to stop them sweating for the next few months. If you know a guy who never seems to break a sweat, however sweltering the weather gets, regular Botox injections could well be his secret.

Grooming for grooms

While Singaporean brides are known to fork out huge amounts before their big day on beauty treatments, it seems the grooms are starting to follow suit.

Wanting to look good standing next to their glowing brides in the wedding photos, Singaporean men are using their wedding as an opportunity to address problems like facial scarring, uneven skin tone, a receding hair line or excess weight with treatments like microdermabrasion or skin peels. Some even go as far as having their eyebrows tinted to make them look fuller and more masculine.

No more taboo?

While even just a few years ago the sight of men undergoing surgery might have raised a few eyebrows, it’s much less of a big deal now. Celebrities like Simon Cowell (who’s not stranger to Botox injections) and Michael Douglas have paved the way for others and men have been encouraged by the great results women have been achieving for some time now and want a piece of the pie. It looks like the metrosexual Singaporean man is here to stay.