11-139(0).jpgThere’s little reason to explain what social media is nowadays, seeing how we’re simply bombarded by social channels from all directions. After all, everyone’s on Facebook, right? Truth be told, social media isn’t entirely new -it’s been on the web since its early days actually, ever since the first forums and blogs surfaced. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and the likes have indeed reshaped the game, and if in this day and age you’re still to grasp it, you might want to rethink your perspectives.

The idea of social media goes even beyond that, to the days of Ancient Greece and Rome, but that’s a story for another time. For now, we’ll just focus on the modern meaning of the concept. So, why join social media? That’s the kind of question your parents might be asking. To make things easier, here’s a list to show your mom and pop.

Helps you gain knowledge

Knowledge isn’t just limited to text books. Social media lets you learn about a vast number of things in a fun way. It gives exposure and helps you gain knowledge in various topics. It is beneficial for students as it shows them the world, and provides information about the various career options that they can have. A study published in Science Direct reports Social Media as a “new hybrid element”, a place where you can learn lots of things about lots of things.

Helps you be creative

Social media provides a platform for people to be creative. Are you a movie buff, a photographer, a designer? Social media lets you show off your talent to the world. It helps you in boosting your confidence when people appreciate your work. You can also get in contact with creative businesses or artists, and learn from the bottom up.

Benefits for small scale business

Social media helps you increase the traffic on your website which ultimately results in improving your business. You no longer need to spend huge amounts on little advertising spaces. Social media helps you create a distinct personality of your business which attracts customers. It helps create buzz and a new trend can be caught on really fast, with almost no cost at all! Seriously, if you have a small business and you’re not using social media, you’re doing it wrong.

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Find old friends

Thinking of an old school friend you lost touch with? Social media lets you reconnect with them very easily. If you want people to find you, don’t forget to add your name, high school, work place on your profile. My parents recently got in touch with colleagues they hadn’t talked to in decades!

Helps you voice your opinions

Many of us feel shy and have a fear of public speaking. Social media lets introverts helps express their feelings, be confident and be heard. An individual can say what they want, give their opinion on things and speak out where people will listen. The social media community can be the perfect place to speak your voice loudly, and make your opinions heard by the world.

Lets you meet new people

Social media lets you meet new people and interact with them from the safety of your house. It helps you find people who share the same hobbies, interests and likings not only from your city but from all over the world. It provides exposure and a chance to learn about the cultures of different countries. These forums help create a sense of family and united-ness.

Help and get help

No matter how close we are to our friends and family, there are some things that just cannot be shared with them. Social media helps you make friends with like-minded people who will be willing to help you with whatever problem you’re facing. It helps you discuss your most embarrassing problems, and find solutions to it.

Apart from all these solid reasons, there are other inviting reasons to join the still fresh world of  social networks. It’s where everyone (or almost everyone is). You can invite people to an event, you can promote things, you can follow your favorite singers or football players. You can spread word about great products, as well as products that you don’t like, to help others. You can stay in touch with all your friends, meet new people, and even get the hot news directly from the source – Twitter journalism is now a thing. You can find people who share common interests with you, all while having a good time and learning new things yourself. There’s plenty of channels for everybody out there