Keyboards have come a long way; they’re sleeker, more resistant, have more functionalities, and much more. But no matter how sturdy or fancy they are, there’s one thing no keyboard can resist without taking a blow: spills. This has been the deadly enemy of keyboard for years, and nobody can attest this better than gamers. But their problems, as well as yours, if this is the case, are nearing an end.

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While it’s still a work in progress for other boards, AZiO’s Levetron Mech4 gaming keyboard is resistant to spills. This water resistant keyboard has been sealed to keep liquid from accessing its vital parts.

According to them, it has many other features, such as resistance to 50 million key strokes, anti-ghosting keys and an on/off key to disable the Windows menu. If you ask me, it’s just a little over the top, but as long as it prevents spilled beer water from doing damage – it works just fine.