Communication TechnologyHaving a fluid communication is very important to people. For one, they need to communicate in their everyday living. They need to communicate with the people they see in school, in the streets, inside the buildings and even people that are on other places. Aside from that, a smooth communication is very crucial for businesses. That is why people welcome and appreciate any technological innovation that can improve the methods of communication.


So, if you are seeking ways to improve the way you communicate with people that matter to you or you are a business owner that looks for technological tools that can help the company, below are some of the technologies that can definitely contribute to the advancement of communication.


  • Smartphones with advanced and sophisticated features.


Mobile phones have been around for many decades now. However, it was in the 1990s when the first Smartphone was created and introduced to the market. Then, it was in the early 2000s that it became a hit to consumers. Smartphones are mobile phones that run a built-in operating system. It means that these mobile electronic devices are capable of faster computation and much better connectivity.


According to a market study by Nielsen, 50.4% of consumers in the US are using smartphones as of March 2012. Another study by Comscore revealed that 114 million out of the approximate 310 million people in the US are using smartphones as of July 2012. These are huge figures that reflect how the consumers value mobile phones, particularly the smartphone.


One of the main reasons why smartphones have become wildly popular is its sophisticated features. One is its touch-screen feature. By just doing some taps and slides, users can easily access and enjoy the different functions of a smartphone. They don’t have to waste time clicking several buttons on the keypad just to send a short text message or make a call.  Features that also attract millions of customers are the camera and applications.


  • Internet for faster communication and business transactions.


The Internet is relatively a new technology. It was developed during the 1960s and the idea started from Leonard Kleinrock. Today, people around the world enjoy the benefits of the Internet. With it, anyone can easily do a research about almost anything. It is also possible to send mails via the electronic mail or simply email.


One area that Internet had a huge impact and influence is in businesses. In particular, there is now Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP which is optimized by businesses to really enhance their phone systems. On the other hand, there are also thousands of businesses that use fast fiber internet to transact or close deals. For example, it is now possible to book a flight by just visiting the website of the airline company.