Using the tools and techniques of metal pressing, anything an engineer can ever imagine regardless of how delicate or complex can be readily manufactured.  This is a major business that is used in everything from creating components for lawn and garden machines, tractors  to rockets!

Metal Pressing

Metal Pressing Components

Metal Pressing Components

The metal pressing process or science is a rather complicated one which involves blanking and piercing, bending and coining. The technique can be used efficiently on virtually all types of metals. Deep or shallow press tools are utilised depending on the thickness of the metal being worked on. Shallow pressing is deployed when dealing with harder and thicker metals but deep pressing is mostly used for thin metal sheets.  The same die or press cannot be used on a variety of metals.  This is because different metals melt at different temperatures.  The complete processes of metal pressings run continuously in some industries where large number of products is manufactured in a bid to keep the cost of manufacturing as economically viable as possible.

Metal Components

Cx_Rockets.6k Made With Metal Pressing Enginering

Rockets Made With Metal Pressing Enginering

The metal components that are deployed in the creation of rockets and airplanes can also be made through the metal pressing process.  Without this delicate technique, it would be virtually impossible to create any type of product that has a metal component in it.  Therefore, the metal pressing process is vital in the healthcare, electrical and construction industries.

High Skill Level – By Hand Work

Lots of Work needs to be done by Hand

Lots of Work needs to be done by hand

The pressing process in most big engineering firm is done is step by step manner and the pressing is done by individuals with the requisite skills or else the competitiveness of the industry using the finished metals might be compromised. For example, the pressing of metals like mid-steel, brass and titanium require different levels of skill and techniques. Although there are no limitations on how a metal can be pressed, the best engineering companies know the right combinations to use in order to achieve a desired result.


metal components

metal pressing products

The products designed with quality materials are a lot sturdier when the right combinations and tooling are deployed from the very beginning. The competition in the market places today means that companies have to look for metal pressing companies that can offer creative designs for their products, apart from the initial pressing process.  With this combination of production stages, the operational cost of the company is reduced.

In the challenging market of today, customers are on the lookout for manufacturers that offer flexibility.  So the best metal pressing companies will accommodate both large and small volumes to suit the needs of the client regardless of size of business or purpose of pressing. Shorter runs will be manufactured in a single operation tooling while bigger volumes will be produced on progression tooling or transfer presses.


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