The new TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy S II depicts their rivalry with iPhone so good, that they actually mock iPhone users, caricaturing customers waiting in line. The spot shows lots of people waiting in line to get ‘some smartphone’, and then BAM! Out of nowhere, cool guys with Samsung appear. But that’s not all they mocked.

“If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?” a line-waiter asked.

This isn’t the first time Samsung and Apple have argued over iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II. The two companies argued in the U.K. over who had the right to advertise the world’s thinnest smartphone, if you can imagine that; and Apple won, as an UK court declared that the Galaxy S has “prominent bulges” at the top of the device that made it thicker than the iPhone 4 at its thickest point.

Samsung’s rivalry with Apple will heat up even more, as the Android 4.0 flagship Galaxy Nexus arrives in the U.S. Initial tests shows that in some relevant instances, it performs much better than its rival, but others claim that Apple’s handset bests it with respect to graphics.

Apple and Samsung are currently entangled in over 20 lawsuits across more than 10 countries.