The company founded just 100 years ago publicly announced first female CEO in their history. Virginia “Ginni” Rometty, famously known for her conservative nature will take over IBM from Sam Palmisano, IBM announced on Tuesday.

The veteran of technology, who is 54 takes on the corporation starting January 1, 2012, after being in charge of sales and marketing for a few years. Former CEO will still remain as chairman .

After she takes over IBM, women will be in charge of two of the world’s largest technology companies, after last month Meg Whitman was named CEO of Hewlett-Packard. But while Whitman turned to a company in disarray with numerous and serious problems to face, Rometty will inherit a finely tuned IBM whose focus on the high-margin businesses of technology services and software has helped it thrive.

“It is a good sign,” Jean Bozman, an analyst with IDC. “It does create an environment in which more of these high-ranking women executives can see that’s within reach. The more that happens, the more normal that will be. I think this might be a great sign that we’ve turned a corner. Certainly the Baby Boomers have wanted this for a long time.”