android spyAndroid has dominated smart phones. Everywhere you go, the mall, coffee shop, restaurants, offices, you will most likely see the trademark Android mascot on people’s phones. You know the green robot with cute antennas and a wide smile? Who would miss that?

Android phones are preferred by many because of the amazingly cool and trendy software and applications. A recent addition to these is the android spy.

This software lets you monitor someone using their Android phone. Every activity where the phone is used is recorded, calls, emails, SMS, video, everything! The best thing about it is that it is completely undetectable. Your target will not know he or she is being spied on.

It does not even require a techie or a genius to install an Android spy. Just follow these simple steps.

Step One. Search for a reliable software. Examples are SpyBubble, StealthGenie and Mobistealth.

Step Two. Download and install it to your target’s phone. Instructions are available along with the software. Don’t worry; even a six grader can understand them.

Step Three. It’s done. You now have a spy.

In what ways can you use your Android Spy?

Spy phones are indeed very convenient. It is not limited for business or forensics where they are obviously very useful. Here are some ideas how you can also use your Android Spy.

1. Lipstick on the Collar?

Do you notice something unusual about your spouse? Lipstick on his shirt collars? Different perfumes? More and more friends’ or workmates’ night outs? Secret phone calls? Are you suspecting an extramarital affair?

Install a spy on his or her Android phone and sate your curious bone. With the spy phone, you can monitor your spouse, 24/7. Read their messages, listen to their phone calls, browse through their electronic mails and you might discover the indecent activities he or she is hiding from you. Track his/her whereabouts and you might catch him/her with his/her other partner on their love rug.

There is no way a cheating unfaithful spouse can get away with the powerful features of a spy phone.

2. Office Love Affairs?

Are you a business owner, a manager, a department head? Do you think your employees are doing their job properly or do you think they spend more time with each other’s arms? Office love affairs are generally not that good for a business. Yes, it is but proper to create an environment with a good working relationship but a love affair is out of the picture.

Love with an officemate can only end up in either one of these two options. First, their love may flourish; they get married and live happily ever after. Second, they might have a nasty break-up and end up hating each other ever since. With the second option, they won’t be able to see and stand each other much less, to work together.

As a business owner or a manager, it is your job to make sure that your employees work together for the good of the company. It is also your duty to prevent something that could tarnish a good working relationship. Use a spy phone and supervise your employees anywhere they go and whoever they are with.

3. Delinquent Teens?

Do your teenagers often give you problems? Are you a parent who always worries that your teen might be in trouble?

Teenagers are very hard to monitor. In this stage of growth and development, a teenager is often closer and more open to friends than their parents. A parent may be left guessing what their child and their friends are really up to.

Quit guessing and use a spy phone. You can give an Android phone to them as a gift without them knowing that a spy soft ware has been installed. With it, you will never have to worry about your teen’s welfare. If they are already into something like drugs and alcohol, you will be able to prevent them wallowing in those vices.

4.     Bullied?

Bullies are everywhere. Now, they have also invaded the web with cyberbullying. It is the use of the internet and technology to harass and embarrass a person. Are you a victim of such scheme? Guess what? You actually use technology against them. Use a spy phone and put a stop to cyberbullying.

5.     Be a Detective!

Do you like watching crime-solving movies and TV series like CSI? Do you fancy being a detective?

A spy software can give a glimpse of how a detective works. With this really cool application, you can do your own little detective works and who knows, this might be a start of a future career.

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